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MindTickle Learning Board is a web-based Learning Management System with an emphasis on social and game-based learning. The system was established in 2011, and is an especially good fit for the tech industry, retail, education, travel, eCommerce, and telecommunications. MindTickle Learning Board was also voted #1 at Gamification Summit 2012 and 2013 for “Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Human Resources.” 

By introducing social and game-oriented mechanics, MindTickle Learning Board makes training painless and even fun, so that learners get the most out of their experience at every stage of the learning process. The solution also includes active learning practices to ensure that users are fully engaged in the content, rather than simply skimming the page. By encouraging this active learning environment, MindTickle helps trainees retain more from the presented materials. MindTickle also sends out emails and reminders to trainees to boost participation and to make certain that those needing training are actively completing each task.

As a cloud-based system, MindTickle Learning Board works smoothly on all web-enabled devices, and was developed with fully integrated tablet and mobile capabilities. This tablet integration provides for easy training from anywhere, and those being trained can enjoy the mobility and interactive nature of MindTickle on a tablet, iPad, computer, or any device with an Internet connection. 

Reports can be both high-level and complex, and can include insight on participation, learner's progress, and content interaction. These reports can be specified to include information on any particular level, topic, or learning object needed, depending on the user's needs. 

For businesses seeking an LMS that works to promote active learning through social and game-based training, MindTickle Learning Board is a great option to add to your shortlist.


MindTickle Learning Board - Personalized learning board
  • MindTickle Learning Board - Personalized learning board
    Personalized learning board
  • MindTickle Learning Board - Training map
    Training map
  • MindTickle Learning Board - Deliver content and award points
    Deliver content and award points
  • MindTickle Learning Board - Gamified quizzes with test-to-teach methodology
    Gamified quizzes with test-to-teach methodology
  • MindTickle Learning Board - Web-based intuitive workflow
    Web-based intuitive workflow
  • MindTickle Learning Board - Detailed analytics and reports
    Detailed analytics and reports
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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