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MuchSkills helps global and remote organizations map and manage their skills and competencies in an intuitive and engaging way. With a core focus on keeping data visualization simple, MuchSkills makes it possible for users of any background or industry to easily understand their team or organization's strengths and weaknesses in a single snapshot. With over 20,000 skills and competencies out-of-the-box, mapping skills goes quickly and maintaining the data even simpler. MuchSkills helps teams and organizations get an overview of their skills composition in real time allowing for team-leaders and managers to quickly identify skill gaps and upskilling opportunities to stay competitive and hire for the right skills. MuchSkill removes the need for skill matrix spreadsheets...

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MuchSkills has three pricing offerings. Pro Trial - Includes all product features except permission management and unlimited custom skills Pro Wow - Includes the full functionality of the product. Unlimited custom skills, permission and access management. Enterprise - Custom integrations to HRIS softwares and other custom support.

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