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OKR Software Tools enable businesses to create objectives at organizational, department, team, and individual levels. Expectations that are quantitatively measured and scored periodically. Teams can track progress using periodic check-ins, use Initiatives to drive progress and assign weightage for individual Key results for calculating the progress of objectives. The system auto-updates key results from over 1500 data sources using Zapier and Google Sheets. OKR Software Tools includes 360-degree alignment, automated daily and monthly reports for managers, intelligent alerts about objectives that are at risk and real-time notifications via Slack, Hip Chat, in-app or email.

OKR Software Tools Pricing

Only 2 plans. Startup and Unlimited Users plan. Use OKR Software in 2021 without any charges! "Receive your first invoice only in Jan 2022" Small teams up to 30 users - A flat monthly rate of $50 For teams above 30 Users - A flat monthly rate of $100

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$50.00 per month

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OKR Software Tools identify & set contributing key results
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