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About TruScholar

Asset Chain Techlligence provides TruScholar, a Blockchain-based digital credentialing issuance platform that enables educational institutions to issue digital certificates, badges and transcripts, and helps corporate houses to verify those immutable certificates in a single click with transparency and security. The platform has been built to cater to the needs of educational institutes, universities, EdTech companies and recruiting agencies and companies. By leveraging Blockchain, TruScholar is able to secure academic records and make them tamper-proof, and also to combat fraudulent claims by proving legitimacy of credentials. In addition, TruScholar's technology is designed to make credential issuance and verification faster and less costly.

TruScholar Pricing

Starting at USD 25 for 1000 Credentials with basic Features.

Starting price: 

$25.00 per month

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Credential Verification
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