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Exago Smart is an idea management platform for midsize and large size businesses that helps users collect, organize and review idea portfolios and execute selected ideas. Key features include a brandable platform, customizable idea management workflows, single sign-on and multiple language options.

Exago Smart allows users to send community challenges to individuals or a group. Exago uses gamification tools such as virtual currency. It also provides forums to discuss ideas for refinement and development and provides content tagging tools to help enable content searches.

The crowd evaluation feature is based on a predictive algorithm and helps in selecting the most popular ideas from data. The centralized dashboard allows users to monitor and manage the idea evaluation process. The leaderboard displays top contributors, top commenters, users who contribute the most ideas and more. The reporting feature allows users to export reports in various formats.

Exago Smart provides both cloud-based and on-premise deployment option including mobile apps.


Exago Smart - Challenges
  • Exago Smart - Challenges
  • Exago Smart - Idea evaluation
    Idea evaluation
  • Exago Smart - Implementation
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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