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FrontRunners 2024

Aha! is the world's #1 product development software. We help more than 1 million product builders bring their strategy to life. Our suite of tools includes Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, Aha! Whiteboards, Aha! Knowledge, and Aha! Deve...Read more about Aha!

Wellspring Innovation Management

Wellspring Innovation Management is a cloud-based solution designed to help small to large businesses track internal innovation projects, discover disruptive startups and search emerging technologies for the market. Features inclu...Read more about Wellspring Innovation Management

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FrontRunners 2024

Asana is a comprehensive project management tool that offers a range of technical features to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration within teams. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, Asana provides or...Read more about Asana


FrontRunners 2024

Lucidspark is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses of all sizes record and share ideas, discuss projects and organize information on a virtual white-board. The platform enables organizations to capture suggestions an...Read more about Lucidspark

Planview IdeaPlace

Spigit is a cloud-based idea management solution suitable for banking, insurance, construction, engineering, energy, utilities, manufacturing, health care and pharmaceutical industries. It offers innovation management, business cr...Read more about Planview IdeaPlace

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OI Engine

OI Engine is a cloud-based platform that helps organizations to collaborate on shared objectives. The OI Engine workflow includes research, ideas, refinement, evaluation, identify top ideas and impact. Users can structure obj...Read more about OI Engine

5.0 (2 reviews)


OrganisedFeedback is an idea and innovation management solution for businesses of all sizes. Both cloud-based and on-premise deployments are available. It’s suitable for various industries including law firms, state governments, l...Read more about Consideration

5.0 (4 reviews)

Idea Drop

Idea Drop is a cloud-based idea management solution designed for the midsize businesses. It offers an idea submission portal, collaboration tools, campaign management, idea curation and analytics. Idea Drop features idea subm...Read more about Idea Drop

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Wazoku is a cloud-based idea management solution that offers an idea submission, collaboration, gamification and analytics functionalities for large and midsize businesses. Wazoku lets users design submission pages using custom...Read more about Wazoku


Managing innovation at a large company can sometimes seem impossible. You have an endless list of stakeholders to engage, an infinite number of data points to consider, and a multitude of obstacles and landmines to avoid... But ...Read more about Qmarkets

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Viima is a cloud-based idea management platform that caters to small, midsize and large businesses. Primary features include idea contribution and development, idea ranking, campaign management, email notifications, an activity da...Read more about Viima

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Codigital is a cloud-based idea management solution that helps corporate and member organizations in brainstorming, collaboration, conferences and gathering requirements. It enables users to generate, refine and prioritize the ide...Read more about Codigital

5.0 (2 reviews)

Medallia Ideas

Crowdicity is a cloud-based idea management and crowdsourcing platform for small, midsize and large businesses. It is suitable for businesses in industries including retail, banking, financial services, media, communications, manu...Read more about Medallia Ideas

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Exago Smart

Exago is an idea management solution for midsize and large businesses that helps collect, improve and review idea portfolios and execute selected ideas. Key features include customizable processes, idea pipeline management, multip...Read more about Exago Smart

4.8 (8 reviews)


Brightidea is a cloud-based innovation management solution designed for midsize and large companies. It offers communication tools and suggestion management. Android and iOS apps are also available. Brightidea features discus...Read more about Brightidea

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Co:tunity is a cloud-based idea management solution designed for small and midsize companies that offers idea submission, collaboration, review and analytics functionalities within a suite. Android and iPhone apps are available. ...Read more about Co:tunity

Mind Vector

Mind Vector is a cloud-based mind mapping and idea management solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers idea mapping, idea ranking, brainstorming, activity dashboards and collaboration functionalities within a suite. Android...Read more about Mind Vector

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UseResponse is a Cloud-based and Slef-Hosted customer support solution that provides users with customer service tools and customer feedback solution. It features a Help Desk Ticketing Solution, Feedback Community System, Knowledg...Read more about UseResponse

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IdeaSpies Private

IdeaSpies Enterprise is a cloud-based idea management solution suitable for small and midsize businesses across different industries such as agriculture, AI, dining, healthcare and more. This solution helps businesses’ employees t...Read more about IdeaSpies Private

5.0 (1 reviews)

Sideways 6

Sideways 6 is an idea management platform for companies that use Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Yammer or Workplace from Facebook. Sideways 6’s solution is based on an integrated approach to idea management: Employees share ideas...Read more about Sideways 6

Accept Mission

Accept Mission is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage the entire life cycle of ideas and innovation projects on a unified platform. Key features include campaigns, brainstorms, idea funnels, stage/gate, workflow, a...Read more about Accept Mission

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Insights.US is a cloud-based idea management solution that enables users to present questions to community members and groups of employees, analyze responses and generate reports. Key features include custom branding, personal upd...Read more about Insights.US

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CrowdWorx Innovation Engine

CrowdWorx is an idea management solution that caters to small and midsize businesses and provides tools for crowdsourced idea evaluation. It can be deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud. CrowdWorx allows users to build a...Read more about CrowdWorx Innovation Engine


UserVoice is a product feedback management solution that collects and organizes feedback from multiple sources to provide a clear, actionable view of user feedback for product teams. With a customizable feedback portal, in-a...Read more about UserVoice

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With over 4.5M participants and 3.6M active campaigns, IdeaScale is a leading idea and innovation management software. We empower organizations to crowdsource ideas from their complete business ecosystem, aided by advanced analyti...Read more about IdeaScale

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FrontRunners 2024

MindMeister is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage innovation pipelines through brainstorming, collaboration, visualization and more. Key features include idea ranking, status tracking, activity dashboard and chat....Read more about MindMeister

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FrontRunners 2024

Shockingly simple idea management platform proven to transform ideas into impact. Return on Investment Guarantee, fast and easy onboarding, 24x7 customer support, and enterprise grade security. Ideawake is a cloud-based solution...Read more about Ideawake

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FrontRunners 2024

Miro is a visual workspace for innovation that enables distributed teams of any size to dream, design, and build the future together. Miro enables distributed teams to come together to synthesize information, clarify complex idea...Read more about Miro

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SkipsoLabs is a cloud-based innovation and idea management solution designed to help public and private sector organizations. Key features include idea submission, project pipeline, relationship and database management, candidate ...Read more about Skipso


Ideanote is the world's #1 Innovation-Led Growth Platform for businesses of all sizes. Combining feature rich enterprise idea management with a hint of playful simplicity. Ideanote is a new, more efficient and effective way of bri...Read more about Ideanote

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Rever is a cloud-based software that helps businesses in automotive, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries collaborate, evaluate ideas, engage employees, identify quality anomalies and more. It uses artificial intellige...Read more about Rever

4.4 (9 reviews)

z0 Gravity

z0 Gravity is a SaaS-based project management solution, which helps businesses manage task scheduling, budgeting and distribution of resources. Managers can utilize the platform to create and assign tasks to team members, set up d...Read more about z0 Gravity

4.8 (4 reviews)


FrontRunners 2024

XMind is an idea management and mind mapping solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to brainstorming, data filtering, organization charting and more on a centralized platform. It lets team members utilize the...Read more about XMind

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FrontRunners 2024

Productboard is the customer-driven product management system that empowers teams to get the right products to market, faster. It provides a complete solution for product teams to understand user needs, prioritize what to build ne...Read more about Productboard

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FrontRunners 2024

MURAL is a collaboration platform designed to help organizations capture and analyze ideas and create custom workflows to handle project management operations across teams. The platform includes scheduling capabilities, which enab...Read more about Mural

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This isn't your father's whiteboarding tool. Stormboard’s approach is different from competing e- collaboration spaces and traditional whiteboards, which are often tailored to creative/design audiences, not operationally focused ...Read more about Stormboard

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Mindomo is an idea management software, which helps K-12, universities and NGOs create mind maps and collaborate with team members in real-time to exchange opinions. It lets managers create and assign tasks to team members, instan...Read more about Mindomo

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Canny is a feedback management platform designed to help businesses collect and analyze insights from customers and account holders, plan roadmaps and announce product updates. Administrators can automatically link feedback to exi...Read more about Canny

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2-plan Desktop

2-plan is an on-premise and web-based project management solution designed to help small organizations plan and manage tasks among multiple teams. Key features include activity monitoring, job scheduling, goal setting and workflow...Read more about 2-plan Desktop

4.3 (3 reviews)


FrontRunners 2024

Bluescape is a collaboration platform, which helps teams manage projects, edit files and add comments or annotations in customizable virtual workspaces. The platform enables organizations to store files, images, videos, blueprints...Read more about Bluescape

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Bitrix24 is an online workspace for small, medium, and large businesses. It features over 35 cross-integrated tools, including CRM, tasks, Kanban board, Gantt chart, messenger, video calls, file storage, workflow automation, and m...Read more about Bitrix24

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FrontRunners 2024 is an award-winning work and project management platform that helps teams of all sizes plan, prioritize, manage, and execute their work more effectively. The platform offers solutions for a wide range of use-cases such...Read more about

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eXo Platform

eXo Platform is a digital workplace solution that allows businesses to connect, engage, empower, and reward teams. eXo Platform is a holistic solution that combines social, collaborative, gamification and reward features to e...Read more about eXo Platform

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Helprace is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps businesses manage interactions with existing and potential customers. The solution features a personalized help desk (HD) and user feedback porta...Read more about Helprace

4.7 (7 reviews)


InPhase is a cloud-based business management solution that offers enterprise reporting and analytics. It is used by businesses of all sizes across sectors such as finance, housing and health care. The solution supports integr...Read more about InPhase

5.0 (8 reviews)


MangoApps is a unified employee experience platform that combines intranet, training, teamwork, and content management into a single dashboard and workspace. Our user-friendly, infinitely customizable approach fits into the way yo...Read more about MangoApps

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awork is your work management tool for happy collaboration: intuitive, friendly, from Europe. Made for teams of any size working together on projects. Plan your team and coordinate all projects easily in awork. It bundles all to...Read more about awork

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Founded in 2002 and acquired by ProActive Software Ltd in 2003, ProWorkflow is a cloud-based project management and time tracking software that caters to companies of all sizes. ProWorkflow includes all the features of a trad...Read more about ProWorkflow

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ProdPad, from CreateShift, is a product management solution that helps businesses of all sizes manage the entire product launch journey. With modules including product strategy and customer segmentation, ProdPad can be hosted in t...Read more about ProdPad


SprintGround is a cloud-based project management solution designed for small and midsize businesses. The product caters to both IT companies as well as in-house IT teams. It allows users to organize their work, collaborate with th...Read more about SprintGround

5.0 (2 reviews)


Tallium is a cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) software solution. Key features include modules for project, knowledge, document and resource management. Tallium’s goal is to facilitate knowledge-sharing, cont...Read more about Tallium

4.9 (7 reviews)

Higher Logic Vanilla

Vanilla is a cloud-based community management solution for consumer goods, financial services, gaming, media and publishing and technology. The solution helps organizations engage members, create discussion forums and gather ideas...Read more about Higher Logic Vanilla

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Collective Innovation IdeaLab

IdeaLab is a cloud-based project collaboration solution designed for companies of all sizes. It offers project management, idea collaboration and polling functionalities within a suite. IdeaLab allows users to customize the a...Read more about Collective Innovation IdeaLab

5.0 (2 reviews)


FrontRunners 2024

Wrike is a cloud-based project management platform for teams of 20+ that is suitable for both large enterprises and SMBs. It supports remote work for various teams. This solution comes with Gantt charts, calendars, workload view f...Read more about Wrike

Learn More is an award-winning product management platform enterprises trust to build great digital products with confidence. Thousands of product professionals from companies such as Kimberly-Clark, Marks & Spencer, Quickbase,...Read more about

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Wisembly is a cloud-based event management solution that enables businesses of all sizes plan, organize and manage workshops, conferences, seminars and more. The platform lets organizations design polls and surveys using images, w...Read more about Wisembly

3.0 (2 reviews)


Drive growth systematically with the #1 Innovation Operating System (OS). ITONICS Innovation OS operationalizes innovation for you to move from strategy to execution fast. Unlike traditional and often fragmented innovation managem...Read more about ITONICS


NanoNotion is an Azure SaaS application for which a Microsoft office 365 or Azure account is needed. The software allows employees to share ideas and knowledge with others. Additionally, the platform helps managers identify the in...Read more about NanoNotion

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Sketchboard is a virtual whiteboard software designed to help remote teams share ideas, collect feedback and visually collaborate on a digital workspace. Key features include project planning, visual workflow management, idea mana...Read more about Sketchboard

4.0 (2 reviews)


Ayoa is a project management solution that caters to businesses and institutions of all sizes across various industries such as education, food and beverage, graphics and animation, apparel and more. Key features include idea mana...Read more about Ayoa

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Yookkan is a project management tool in SaaS mode. Users can create projects as a list of actions organized by theme, opt for a personalized or Kanban organization, and invite collaborators. Additionally, users can break down acti...Read more about Yookkan


Ezassi is a cloud-based idea management platform designed to streamline innovation and collaboration for businesses. It is a secure platform where businesses can capture internal and external idea submissions and utilize easy-to-u...Read more about Ezassi


Nectir is the world-leading idea and innovation management software. Foster a culture of employee engagement, collaboration, and creativity, that drives organisational growth. Nectir aligns innovative solutions with strategic goal...Read more about Nectir

5.0 (2 reviews)

PICC Software

PICC Software is a turnkey augmented intelligence solution which makes individual, collective and artificial intelligence work in symbiosis to unlock value creation at all levels of your organization. With PICC Software, your peo...Read more about PICC Software


MindNode is a web-based solution that allows businesses to innovate, visualize and share ideas using mind mapping tools. It provides predefined theme templates, which allows teams to customize project themes according to the requi...Read more about MindNode

innosabi software suite

innosabi software suite – Covering innovation End-to-End. Our software suite is a refined set of specialized solutions to tackle the specific steps of the innovation process, from the beginning to end. innosabi Insight – Access ...Read more about innosabi software suite

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Drive digital transformation 10x faster at one-tenth the cost of other enterprise software solutions. Automate business processes with our pre-configured applications or work with our experts to create custom solutions that transf...Read more about Praxie

edison365 suite

Collect ideas and turn them into reality with Microsoft-based edison365 software. Our solutions can be bought as part of a suite or purchased individually: Set challenges, engage your workforce and collect suggestions with ed...Read more about edison365 suite

4.7 (9 reviews)


FrontRunners 2024

LoopedIn is a product management software designed to help eCommerce businesses, bloggers and marketing teams collect customers’ feedback, plan roadmaps and announce updates. The platform enables administrators to receive votes on...Read more about LoopedIn

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LinkFacts has teamwork tools for chatting, brainstorming, and sharing knowledge, ideas, and documentation. It can meet specific user requirements as the platform is fully customizable. The app is suitable for journalists, students...Read more about LinkFacts

5.0 (4 reviews)


Klaxoon is a visual communication toolkit geared towards the corporate sector and the English and French-speaking markets, in particular. It comes with a series of collaborative software tools for interactive workshops and trainin...Read more about Klaxoon


Teamogy is a cloud-based system for companies who want to have full control over their projects, finances, time management, teams, and communication. Teamogy helps companies to maximize their profit. It also supports cooperation...Read more about Teamogy


Mindhive is a platform for harnessing collaborative thinking. Individuals and companies pose questions to a community of contributors for input towards a solution – in short; it brings the shared economy to problem-solving. Mindh...Read more about Mindhive

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évolt is a collaborative platform that helps teams and organizations to become user-centered in every aspect of their work. It provides a suite of specialized applications and tools to change the way teams think and build their pr...Read more about évolt


From small idea collection initiatives to global innovation programs and hackathons - Yambla provides a complete toolset to support innovation initiatives across the organization. By combining a robust feature set with an engagin...Read more about Yambla


Whether honing in on a pack design, launching a new product, or deciding on campaign messaging, Upsiide will help users select suitable options based on in-market realities. Select which audience to run studies with in-platform, ...Read more about Upsiide


GroupMap is an online brainstorming and idea-mapping tool designed to help teams and organizations in diverse industries generate, organize, and prioritize ideas. Key features include real-time collaboration, drag-and-drop functio...Read more about GroupMap


IDhall is: - A single point of entry for all initiatives, - A collaborative platform to manage your initiatives lifecycle, - An out-of-the-box solution with no special training required, - A range of one-click, real-time reporting...Read more about IDhall

5.0 (1 reviews)


InnovationCast is a user-friendly solution that provides a collaborative framework for businesses to reap the full potential of their staff by making them more innovative, through knowledge sharing and open collaboration. This clo...Read more about InnovationCast

5.0 (2 reviews)


Nosco helps organizations fill idea and innovation pipelines with high-potential opportunities. Whether internal or external, continuous improvement or disruptive, or greenfield innovation, the platform enables users to test, deve...Read more about Nosco


Thortspace is an online platform designed to help businesses solve problems, collaborate on ideas or educate their employees. It offers tools for gathering information, recording research, analyzing data, solving problems, collabo...Read more about Thortspace

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Vocoli is an idea management and employee engagement solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to employee recognition, internal communication, feedback generation, and more on a centralized platform. It allows s...Read more about Vocoli

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myeNovation e-Kaizen Platform is an end-to-end digital solution for kaizen workflow. myeNovation can help organizations manage Kaizen by providing tools for data collection and analysis, collaboration and communication, standardiz...Read more about myeNovation

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IdeaBridge is an Enterprise Innovation Management Platform, IdeaBridge is the ‘go-to platform’ for global enterprises seeking to invent new products and services, manage costs, raise employee engagement levels, and significantly e...Read more about IdeaBridge

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Orchidea is an AI-powered innovation management platform designed to help businesses engage all stakeholders in innovation. Conduct AI-driven workshops to brainstorm and collect ideas, run time-limited idea collection campaigns th...Read more about Orchidea

No reviews yet is a tool designed to help you easily capture and organize all the great ideas the team has to offer. The workflows make it simple to prioritize and implement the most impactful suggestions. Hives offer personalized guid...Read more about


FrontRunners 2024

Milanote is an online platform that helps designers and writers organize the various components of their projects. It can be used to create mood boards, mind maps, briefs and more, all in one place. Milanote lets users create pri...Read more about Milanote

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FeedBear is a simple tool that helps companies collect feedback from their customers. Set up your account, customize the CSS and logo, add questions to your campaign, and start collecting feedback from any device....Read more about Feedbear

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Draft was created for teams to think collectively and work collaboratively in the digital environment—and overcome the challenges of turning ideas into meaningful action. Draft’s‘visual document universe’ enables teams to explor...Read more about


Userwell is a product feedback management software that helps businesses collect and gain insights into users' feedback, improving customers' experience and facilitating decision-making processes. Businesses can capture users' f...Read more about Userwell

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Cacoo is an idea management software that helps businesses create wireframes and share work schedules with staff members. The platform enables managers to create layouts, mind maps, organizational charts, unified modeling language...Read more about Cacoo

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Smartsheet is a work execution platform and collaboration tool with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface that helps teams plan, track, and manage projects in real-time. Smartsheet features include a range of project management to...Read more about Smartsheet

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Novable is the reference in terms of corporate venturing platform, connecting companies with relevant startups for their innovation, growth, transformation or corporate development strategies. The Novable AI-powered scouting engin...Read more about Novable

5.0 (1 reviews)


WETHOD is a collaborative and integrated project portfolio management software solution. It is a system that enables users the simultaneous management of CRM, project management and financials providing insight about productivity,...Read more about WETHOD

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Braineet Crowdsourcing

Braineet Crowdsourcing enables you to maximize the value generated by your internal and external ecosystem. Give your employees a place to share their quick wins, best practices and experiments across all your business units to g...Read more about Braineet Crowdsourcing

5.0 (3 reviews)


FrontRunners 2024

Nolt is a cloud-based feedback solution for businesses and creators. It makes feedback collection and management easy by providing a custom feedback board and roadmap tool that users and teammates can submit feedback to. The softw...Read more about Nolt

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Forest Software is a cloud-based idea management platform designed to help midsize and large companies drive strategic change across their organization. It also offers powerful features to facilitate Decision-Making and Strategic...Read more about Forest

4.8 (4 reviews)


Methodologee is a business management solution designed to help organizations create, view, update and share key business processes and procedures with formatted text and visuals such as screenshots, videos, flowcharts and more. ...Read more about Methodologee

4.9 (8 reviews)


Acclaim Ideas by Sopheon, is a cloud-based innovation management platform that helps organizations capture, develop, and commercialize new ideas. It is designed for use across industries in small to large companies. Acclaim Ideas...Read more about Sopheon

4.5 (2 reviews)


MindManager is a visual thinking tool that can help teams plan, create and communicate ideas, projects, and documents. With MindManager's flexible interface and powerful features, users can: - Visualize information and data from a...Read more about MindManager

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Strategeex is an online strategic planning software that provides tools for developing and implementing business strategies. It provides strategic marketing methodologies, various canvases, and thirty matrixes for analyzing a comp...Read more about Strategeex

3.7 (6 reviews)


Evulu is an idea management platform that allows businesses to translate user research findings into personas, experience maps, user journeys and service blueprints. Teams can create a report to showcase research ideas, define an ...Read more about Evulu

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DirectSuggest makes it simple for employees to make suggestions on any device surrounding company-created categories with the assurance they automatically arrive at the proper decision-maker. Every employee can also collaborate on...Read more about DirectSuggest

5.0 (1 reviews)


Vizologi inspires you to develop brainstorming ideas, provides access to analyze competence, markets, and trends, and is a builder to create unique and creative business plans for your startup. It combines the simplicity of the bu...Read more about Vizologi


Leanspots is a marketplace software with proprietary tools for investors, advisors, startups, accelerators, and universities. Leanspots bases its solutions on technologies such as AI, NLP and Big data. Get started with the #1 Star...Read more about Leanspots


Ideashooter helps companies with software and support so that these companies succeed in establishing a strong corporate culture around innovation and in increasing their employee engagement. The companies that help indicated tha...Read more about IdeaShooter

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Keto Software provides an intuitive, cloud-based Strategic Portfolio Management Platform that effortlessly scales with your business needs. Ideal for medium to large enterprises, this is not just another task management tool—it'...Read more about Keto

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FrontRunners 2024

ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Features include communication and collaboration tools, task assignments and statuses, alerts and a task toolb...Read more about ClickUp

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CBA Compendio

Find the best solution in your project, for your company, your team or your joint venture with CBA Compendio, the intelligent knowledge management system in the cloud. Innovative, sustainable, and with maximum benefit over the ent...Read more about CBA Compendio

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Casebase enables users to systematically build a portfolio of data analytics and AI use cases, document their development and implementation process in a structured way, and create and manage their data & AI roadmap. Use cases ar...Read more about Casebase

4.8 (5 reviews)


IMPACT is the one-stop, cloud-based application, with built-in training and expert coaching, for quickly, reliably, and profitably engaging employees and leaders in change and improvement. Built on a research-proven, ideas-to-acti...Read more about IMPACT

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ProductLift is a product feedback management software. It is designed for product managers and teams at technology companies. ProductLift centralizes all customer feedback in one place. Product managers can then create Roadmaps ...Read more about ProductLift

4.9 (7 reviews)


All-in-one platform to collect, organize and manage customer and teammates feedback, prioritize and build a product roadmap, and announce product updates. Give your users a voice! Allow your customers to send feature requests, im...Read more about Changelogfy

3.5 (2 reviews)


Stemic is a concept mapping software that allows users to visualize complex situations as relational graphs to improve understanding. The software targets investigators, business analysts, students, project managers, lawyers, and ...Read more about Stemic

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Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront is a collaborative work management solution that addresses the challenges of disconnected teams, siloed tools, and the relentless pace of enterprise work. Workfront includes capabilities to capture and plan, assign...Read more about Adobe Workfront

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GoodWorky is an eLearning authoring tool that helps businesses create corporate training courses and eLearning content. The platform enables employees to access training, formal or informal learning, discussion boards about any to...Read more about GoodWorky

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aumentoo is the all-in-one innovation management platform that can be tailored for big corporates but also for small innovation teams, like hubs or accelerators. With aumentoo you can: - Connect everyone in the innovation eco-...Read more about aumentoo

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Howspace is a transformative involvement platform designed to empower organizations to drive growth and sustainable impact through limitless involvement. We believe that engaged people can transform anything. How you engage your ...Read more about Howspace

4.8 (9 reviews)


InnoWizard is an all-in-one innovation management platform designed to help companies capture, develop, prioritize, and implement ideas. The software streamlines the innovation process for organizations of all sizes across various...Read more about Innowizard

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Fikra is a tool aimed at creating a culture of innovation and employee engagement within organizations. It is a platform for collecting and evaluating ideas from employees of all levels and departments. Fikra allows employees to s...Read more about Fikra

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With HelloIgnite, businesses can launch customized challenge websites to collect ideas from their frontline workers. Teams can collaborate with staff members to refine ideas for informed decisions. Custom workflows help users rev...Read more about HelloIgnite

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LiquidText is a note-taking solution that helps businesses collate ideas, create note relationships, handle search processes, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members share notes with other team members and...Read more about LiquidText

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Software Ideas Modeler

Software Ideas Modeler is diagramming and modeling toolset that supports industry-standard notation such as UML, SysML, BPMN, ArchiMate, flowcharts, and others. The diagram editor provides auto-layouts, aligning to a grid, and gu...Read more about Software Ideas Modeler

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Accubate is an enterprise-grade innovation management software designed to simplify and improve processes for everyone involved in carrying out your mission. Accubate is packed with features to help you build and manage any progr...Read more about Accubate


Colectidea is a creative community and platform for business owners who want to innovate. It allows users to share their ideas with other users, incentivizing employees through competition, recognition, and rewards. It is a cloud-...Read more about Colectidea

4.7 (3 reviews)


Saasfe enables businesses to collect customer feedback, which is the lifeblood of any business or product. They can help your brand grow in the right direction. It allows customers to vote on the next big feature suggestion. Use...Read more about Saasfe

5.0 (1 reviews)


Beeshake is a cloud-based employee innovation and engagement platform that offers tools for gathering collective intelligence and ideas from employees. The platform can be used for peer-to-peer learning, feedback sharing, ideation...Read more about Beeshake

4.3 (7 reviews)


Productfiolio is end-to-end product management software, Productfolio provides full product lifecycle management tools from ideation (ideas intake, feedback) to candidate prioritization (scoring, ranking), roadmapping, product bri...Read more about Productfolio

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TheLeanSuite is designed for manufacturing businesses who are looking to digitize lean manufacturing processes and empower employees to collaborate and create solutions, in real-time. Because it is a cloud-based app, it does not...Read more about TheLeanSuite

4.5 (8 reviews)


Agorize is an all-in-one innovation management platform that helps users run startups, tech scouting, hackathons, transformation projects, corporate awards programs, student challenges, call for ideas, and more to promote innovati...Read more about Agorize

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Beams is a one-stop online platform where employees can learn how to be innovative and creative in their work. It helps them understand what innovation means, how to create more opportunities for creativity, and provides strategie...Read more about Beams

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FrontRunners 2024

Dostoevsky said that beauty will save the world. Padlet is a beautiful way to organize and present your team’s files, assets, and ideas. Instead of mind-numbingly boring documents from the 80s or mostly useless folders from the ...Read more about Padlet

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Zoho Projects

Right from 2006, Zoho Projects has been a major contributor to every project management need. Automating workflows, allocating tasks, recording time logs, relaying project updates, effective team collaboration, gathering analytica...Read more about Zoho Projects

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Innovation Minds

Innovation Minds is a holistic employee experience solution designed to boost employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity. The AI solution uses an innovation-based engagement model to boost engagement and collaboration am...Read more about Innovation Minds


SCOUT is a powerful AI- and data-driven tech & innovation intelligence platform that helps enterprises become future-proof. We connect patterns of all innovation ecosystems. We offer the most comprehensive innovation and R&D-rela...Read more about SCOUT

4.0 (1 reviews)


Yumana is a cloud-based innovation management software that helps businesses accelerate the transition from ideation to project deployment and deliver measurable results. It lets users collaborate with each other, share ideas, fac...Read more about Yumana

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FrontRunners 2024

Product Description: FigJam is a collaborative online whiteboard designed for teams to visually brainstorm, diagram, strategize, and plan together in real time. It is suitable for a variety of professionals, including software tea...Read more about FigJam

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Clarity is a project portfolio management software designed to help businesses manage products, services, customers and finances. The platform enables administrators to gain insights into multiple projects on a centralized dashboa...Read more about Clarity


Morningmate is a cloud-based collaboration platform that helps small to large businesses manage team communication, online documents, task assigning and more. Most teams using a project management tool only use 30% of the features...Read more about Morningmate


Roadmunk is a cloud-based project management solution suitable for all industries and businesses of all sizes. Roadmunk offers schedule visualization tools, project templates and team collaboration features. Users can create proj...Read more about Roadmunk

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Planbox Innovate

Planbox Innovate is an idea management tool designed for teams across all industries. Key features include a configurable setup centered around a four-level structure: initiatives, projects, items and tasks. Users can create ...Read more about Planbox Innovate

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RobotEasy allows users to configure and deploy highly intelligent virtual robots to perform specific tasks on their existing systems and applications. These virtual robots act as virtual assistants, mimicking human actions and int...Read more about RobotEasy

Klart AI

Klart AI is an AI assistant tailored to simplify and boost workplace dynamics. The software helps businesses with managing tasks in JIRA, sharing files on Google Drive or OneDrive, communicating via Slack or Teams, and maintaining...Read more about Klart AI

5.0 (1 reviews)


MeisterTask is a simple and secure project and task management software for organizations of all sizes. The Kanban-style project boards are customizable and can be set up to support any agile workflow. From classic project and t...Read more about MeisterTask

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Frameable Whiteboard

Frameable Whiteboard is a virtual whiteboard tool designed specifically for Microsoft Teams. It helps users collaborate during and after Teams calls with instant editable access to ideas. With its intuitive design and features, Fr...Read more about Frameable Whiteboard

4.0 (1 reviews)


Product HQ is a cloud-based solution that helps startups streamline the entire product lifecycle, from identifying business opportunities to developing visual roadmaps. Businesses can utilize competition analysis, strategic object...Read more about ProductHQ

5.0 (1 reviews)


FrontRunners 2024

Confluence is a project management solution that enables organizations to create, collaborate, organize and review project documents. The system offers both cloud-based and on-premise deployment. Confluence’s editor feature a...Read more about Confluence

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Jira Software is a business process management tool used by agile teams to plan, track and release software. Jira Software supports Scrum, Kanban, a hybrid model or another unique workflow. Jira enables users to create project r...Read more about Jira

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Trello is a visual collaboration tool for planning tasks and projects. While commonly used by agile software development teams, the solution is also used in other departments such as marketing, sales, support and HR. The web-based...Read more about Trello

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Vani is a visual collaboration platform where teams create, meet, and work together. It's where teammates brainstorm for ideas, come up with plans, and work on mockups over a shared infinite canvas. You can quickly get your team ...Read more about Vani

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Ideally is an idea management tool that helps businesses in the early stages of creative development, whether it's with an idea, message, or even package testing. Its self-service survey platform provides results to facilitate dec...Read more about Ideally

5.0 (2 reviews)

Jira Product Discovery

Designed for small to large businesses, Jira Product Discovery is a cloud-based solution that helps product teams structure and manage ideas. The platform offers various features such as granular fields, feedback options, collabor...Read more about Jira Product Discovery

5.0 (1 reviews)

Impactor App

Impactor App is a cloud-based idea management tool that allows users to gather and refine ideas on the ideation board, keeping all possibilities open. They can assign value and effort levels to ideas, and the algorithm ranks them ...Read more about Impactor App

5.0 (4 reviews)


Vistaly is a cloud-based application designed for business use, providing a platform to create connections between business metrics and opportunities on a visual map. Vistaly integrates data from other sources to enable users to e...Read more about Vistaly

Shorter Loop

Shorter Loop is a software platform that enables companies to understand customer problems, conceptualize solutions, and create focused roadmaps. The software helps organizations gather qualitative and quantitative customer insigh...Read more about Shorter Loop

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TheBrain is an innovative software tool that serves as the ultimate digital memory for individuals seeking to enhance their thinking and expand their ideas. By digitizing the mind, TheBrain allows users to visually see and organiz...Read more about TheBrain


A Product Success Platform connects the core parts of the development flywheel—comms, feedback, and planning—into one platform. Advancing and accelerating the product teams of today, so they can be even more successful in building...Read more about LaunchNotes

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Bordio is a new project management solution designed to optimize team productivity and streamline project workflows. Here you can create projects, schedule tasks, and collaborate with team members and external partners. The uniqu...Read more about Bordio

5.0 (4 reviews)


SignMaster is a software that helps users create signs, logos, lettering, pinstripes, and more using the desktop vinyl cutter module. Some features of the solution include photo enhancement, 3D cut modeling, image editing, present...Read more about SignMaster

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VinylMaster is a cloud-based software that makes graphic designing easy for businesses in education, government, sign shops, print shops, and other industries. It helps users design logos, shapes, posters, lettering, and other mar...Read more about VinylMaster

1.0 (1 reviews)

Zoho Tables

Zoho Tables is an easy-to-use work management tool that stores all your work-related data in a familiar spreadsheet-like interface. It goes beyond just consolidating data, by enabling smart relationships and collaboration with you...Read more about Zoho Tables

5.0 (1 reviews)