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BuildLinks BL1 is a cloud-based construction operation management solution that is designed to meet the needs of production home builders. Its features include bidding and contracting, take-offs, budgets, schedules, purchase orders, punch-lists and more.

The solution offers the builders with real-time access to critical data by letting them log in to their personal portal. The portal is accessible by trade partners and homebuyers to import or export actionable data.

The contract management feature involves management of the contracts with vendors. It includes management of project workflow, the creation of templates, planning project schedules, tracking pricing and budgeting for the project and more. The bidding and contracting feature helps the builders to manage the undertaking of contractors and subcontractors on the basis of tender offered by each contractor. The builders then accept the bid which matches the budget planned by the company.

Support is available via phone and live chat.


BL1 - Compare Bids Based on Frequency
  • BL1 - Compare Bids Based on Frequency
    Compare Bids Based on Frequency
  • BL1 - Home Buyers Access to Online Selections
    Home Buyers Access to Online Selections
  • BL1 - View Lot Projected & Variance Costs
    View Lot Projected & Variance Costs
  • BL1 - Color Coded Lot Information
    Color Coded Lot Information
  • BL1 - IPhone/IPad Field Application
    IPhone/IPad Field Application
  • BL1 - Trades See Their Work Assignments
    Trades See Their Work Assignments
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Unix, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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Alan from ForeverHome

February 2012

February 2012



Product Quality

Customer Support

We researched a few different software programs that would help to streamline our business from constructions schedules to accounting, purchasing and estimating but found nothing that was feasible in cost or just did not have all of the "modules" to handle all of the components of our business. In order to improve our efficiencies and to integrate all of our information flow it was critical to find a system that would allow us to achieve this goal. Our base of information was based on spreadsheets, checklist, and the like which was becoming a cumbersome methodology building 200+ homes per year.

The implementation has been great, but time consuming. However, switching or implementing ANY new software is never easy. We are still in the implementation process and things are going fantastic. We recently rolled out our first community, which is a complex / high-end community with many options and foundation types. BuildLinks has been able to handle it all. This will make the implementation of our town homes and other single-family homes flow much easier. We're still learning how to enter the information but it is going great.

Our Sales team and our Trade Partners are taking to it very well and all are looking forward to its full roll out in their communities. The support from BuildLinks has been nothing but first class! Enough cannot be said about their support, willingness to revise, reprogram a report, data entry to help our business. For a company like BuildLinks to call you and ask how are things going on a Friday afternoon is rarely seen these days. I am looking forward to the long-term benefits this program brings to our business.