Rapid eManage Contractor Software


Rapid eManage is a software program that streamlines a contractor’s day to day business activities. It is suited for companies of all sizes.

This solution consolidates different parts of the business into one by providing features such as a customer database, company calendar, invoice generation, proposal creation and email integration, among others.

Customizable, Rapid eManage includes an unlimited customer database, the ability to sync with Inuit Quickbooks and the ability to track your inventory so users know when it’s time to restock

This solution can also track sales by each person during a month or quarter.


Rapid eManage - Appointments
  • Rapid eManage - Appointments
  • Rapid eManage - Customer entry
    Customer entry
  • Rapid eManage - Contract entry
    Contract entry
  • Rapid eManage - New call entry
    New call entry
  • Rapid eManage - QuickBooks integration
    QuickBooks integration
  • Rapid eManage - QuickBooks supplies
    QuickBooks supplies
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

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