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Finding software can be overwhelming. Software Advice helps clubs find the right software to manage tee and staff scheduling, pro shop sales and inventory, and memberships.

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Golf POS

foreUP is the golf industry's leader in cloud-based technology solutions for club management. Designed with input from course owners and operators, our suite of efficiency- and profit-enhancing tools and services are easy to integ... Read more

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Zingle is a cloud-based SMS messaging platform that allows users to communicate with their customers via text message and other mobile messaging channels. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Key features include conta... Read more

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AIM is a secure end-to-end point of sale (POS) business solution that can be used in any retail environment. This retail management solution features customizable menus and screens, inventory management, complete POS activity and ... Read more

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Tee Quest is a club management software that has an easy-to-use interface and tools that make sure all information is recorded in an orderly manner. The software caters to golf courses with templates to schedule things like green ... Read more

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Agilysys Golf

Agilysys Golf is a golf course management solution that helps clubs organize tournaments, schedule matches and track tee times on a centralized platform. The personalized tournament management functionality allows staff members to... Read more


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Buz Club Manager

Buz Club Manager is designed to help private clubs streamline membership management, accounting and point of sale (POS) operations. The application allows employees to monitor return on investments (ROIs), process purchase orders ... Read more

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Clubworx is a cloud-based member management solution for studios, gyms and martial arts schools. Clubworx gives you the tools you need to reduce time spent on daily admin tasks by automating payments, bookings and communicat... Read more


FlexBooker is a cloud-based appointment management solution that enables users to manage appointments, facilities, classes and service delivery for their customers. The software allows users to make online reservations, schedule s... Read more


GolfNow is a cloud-based solution for end-to-end golf facilities management. It provides various software products and tools for tee time distribution, customer database management, marketing, food and beverage operations, website... Read more


GolfStatus is a tournament management solution that helps non-profit organizations manage online registrations, live scoring or leaderboards, digital sponsorships and more. It enables professional golfers to track scores, record s... Read more


GolfRegistrations from DoJiggy is a cloud-based golf tournament organization solution that helps event organizers with tournament registrations, management, promotion and fundraising. GolfRegistarions allows users to register... Read more


The Preferred Choice of Modern Clubs. Manage bookings, payments (online, in person and on the app), programs, lessons, pro shop POS, marketing emails, memberships and more! Tennis (and other racquet sports) reservations, Golf tee... Read more


Club Caddie

Club Caddie is a cloud-based, all-in-one software suite built by golf course operators to manage businesses in the golf industry. The management suite includes a point of sale system, tee sheet, golf outing and golf league ma... Read more


Buyers guide

Golf course software helps clubs and courses effectively manage business operations. Golf software includes scheduling tools, membership management, and pro shop sales and inventory tracking. These industry-specific features enhance day-to-day golf management functions, making it easy for clubs and courses to keep track of customer payments and preferences, create reports, and manage staffing. Golf clubs and courses have many factors to consider when selecting specialized golf course software.

This software guide explains these features, benefits, considerations, and trends.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is golf course software?

Golf course software gives clubs and courses dedicated scheduling tools, pro shop point-of-sale (POS) and inventory tracking, and membership management. These features make it easy for golf course management to keep track of customer payments and preferences, create reports, and manage staffing. Administrators, staff, and groundskeepers can use golf software to perform the daily functions of running and managing a golf course.

Common features of golf course software

Golf course software offers a wide range of functionalities. Most solutions for golf courses and clubs include the following features:

Electronic tee sheets Schedule specified tee times for individuals or teams using electronic reservation tools. Enhance customer satisfaction and eliminate the risk of double bookings.
Event management Streamline the logistics of scheduling and managing golf tournaments, activities, and other gatherings.
Payment processing Easily accept, record, and reconcile financial transactions.
Customer relationship management (CRM) Identify and track interactions with core clients and prospects. Track leads through the entire sales funnel. Analyze contact and lead management data to detect trends and opportunities for growth and improvement.
Inventory management Track and manage quantities of on-hand resources. Maintain adequate inventory supply and improve record keeping data. Assess vendor performance and identify opportunities for supply chain improvement.
Membership management Build a customizable, feature-rich member database for individuals and families. Record, analyze, and track member data to enhance customer satisfaction. Manage automatic electronic fund transfer (EFT) revenue.
Loyalty program Offer trackable loyalty points that encourage repeat visits, increase customer satisfaction, and boost revenue opportunities.

What type of buyer are you?

Golf clubs and courses have unique needs. Before purchasing golf course software, you should first identify which features are essential and which are optional for your business needs.

Seasonal operators: Golf clubs and courses are often seasonal operations, closing down when the weather gets too hot or cold for optimal customer experiences on the green. Look for golf software options that identify peak tee times, record customer interactions, and boost revenue through loyalty programs.

Public facilities: Semi-private and public courses benefit from solutions that track and manage customer purchases and activity. Tools such as electronic tee sheets, inventory management, and customer profiles help public facilities detect trends and opportunities for revenue growth.

Private facilities: Private clubs and courses should select golf software solutions that enhance service offerings and drive member revenue. These tools help private facilities focus on client retention and acquisition, as well as event management, loyalty programs, and additional course revenue streams and opportunities.

Benefits and potential issues

Golf course software offers two key benefits for clubs and courses.

  • Electronic tee sheets streamline service offerings. Electronic reservations allow golfers to pick their desired tee time, eliminating the risk of double bookings and reducing mix-ups and no shows. This saves time and reduces mistakes because employees do not have to enter information manually. Paid, cancelled, and no-show tracking data identifies opportunities for growth and operational improvement.
  • Customer relationship and membership management unlocks valuable insights. The system captures data for members and every golfer who visits the course. You can use customer data to drive marketing efforts, such as promotional events, loyalty programs, and more. This will help you generate incremental revenue, promote member retention, and generate a larger lifetime value from your existing client base.

Market trends to understand

Golf course software offers a single platform for a variety of management needs. Cloud-based software grows with your organization's needs, giving golf clubs and courses the ability to adjust capabilities, identify areas for growth, and maximize customer satisfaction and revenue opportunities. An all-in-one software solution helps golf courses sell across multiple revenue channels, engage with customers, process payments, manage operations, and grow their businesses.

Cloud-based management systems give golf course operators the best tools possible for all operations. System integration gives you valuable tools that function as a single unit, transferring information seamlessly from one system platform to another.

CRM data gathers important customer data to identify growth opportunities. Customer relationship and membership management enhances customer satisfaction by collecting and analyzing important customer insights. Companies can use customer data to segment customer groups for marketing efforts and monitor campaign performance.