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Astute Social is a reputation management solution that combines social listening, analytics, content publishing, audience engagement and ad management into a single platform.

The solution uses natural language processing and sentiment analysis to discern which posts are "noise" and which posts merit attention. Astute Social integrates with Astute's customer relationship management (CRM), ePowerCenter and other third-party CRM systems to enable customer service agents to provide social care using the same interface as traditional channels. Customers receive a response through their preferred channel, and interactions are tracked in the CRM. This helps agents to manage customer experiences and handle multiple communication channels.

The social listening functionality also offers customer information, market trends and competitor activities. It uses sentiment analysis and real-time monitoring to drive customer understanding and inform product development and campaign decisions. In addition to crawling major social networks, Astute Social's auto-discovery feature alerts users to other sites where relevant brand discussions are happening.

Support is available via email and over the phone. 


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