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RT7 V2POS is a cloud-based retail management solution designed for delis, quick-service restaurants, liquor stores and grocery stores retail segments. The product is touchscreen-enabled and includes two different screens - one to support the POS (point-of-sale) and the other to display advertisements while ringing up customers. RT7 V2POS offers EMV certification for the payment integration functionality.

The system allows employees to ring up using different methods - by searching a menu or scanning an item directly. RT7 V2POS also features dashboards and reporting module, which allows business owners to track store performance in the real time.

RT7 V2POS features multi-location support, which allows users to sync information such as inventory and transaction across different location. The solution also offers combined reports, which help owners track the performance of individual locations and overall business in the real time.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Shlomo from Bagel Cafe
Specialty: Restaurant

February 2014

February 2014

EMV Certified, Cloud-Based POS System for Retail



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

The system allows me to access my business' data from any internet-connected device 24/7. If I'm away on vacation or take a day off from work, iI can see what the business is doing without having to be there.

The service and support has been amazing. They walked us through the features and functions of the entire system. It was delivered as a plug and play solution. There was very minimal install time needed. We were up and running and processing transactions almost right away. We were able to design and organize the menu beforehand, so when it was up and running everything was ready to go.

Likes Least

I would have liked the POS to have caller ID installed for our delivery orders. However, since RT7 is the software design company, they have already begun exploring the caller ID function. We were told it would be released as a future update to the POS.


You must be ready to adopt the newest technology and embrace it. It is very important for you as the owner to understand all the value you are getting for working with RT7. The hardware, software, and credit card processing, along with the tech support and software updates come bundled together in one affordable monthly fee. It is a blended monthly cost for our business, which is the way we like it. One lump sum payment covered everything. It's better to work with one company for everything relating to the POS versus a handful of random vendors.