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TRIBE is a branded content platform that connects marketers with a network of influencers and creators. The platform is suitable for brands and agencies of all sizes and can be used to source content for social media ads, digital ads, and websites. TRIBE includes content that is suitable for various industries including food and beverage, consumer goods, automotive, beauty and personal care, finance, travel, and many others. The platform includes a 5-step campaign builder that allows users to source specific types of content. Once the content is approved, TRIBE’s influencer(s) will post it to social media channels. Brands can measure campaign performance using first-party data and analytics. The rights to the best-performing content can be purchased and shared with de...

TRIBE Pricing

Plans are available for teams of all sizes. Pricing details for all plans are provided on request by TRIBE. $299 activation per campaign fee applies for pay-per-use plan.

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