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CyberStockroom is a cloud-based inventory management solution targeting small, growing businesses. Key features include applications for inventory management, demand forecasting/replenishment, inventory optimization, lot traceability and reporting and analytics.

CyberStockroom lets users view the entirety of their businesses in a “map-based” format. This map is customizable, so users can add multiple locations and sub-locations. Products can be checked in and out and transferred between locations with a drag and drop tool.

Since businesses in CyberStockroom are viewed as maps, users can visualize how their products are distributed across multiple locations. They can “zoom in” on locations to see a more detailed view of locations’ stock, which allows users to see when products needs to be replenished.

CyberStockroom is priced either on a monthly or yearly basis. Pricing is based on number of users, locations and products.


CyberStockroom - Item locations
  • CyberStockroom - Item locations
    Item locations
  • CyberStockroom - Sub-locations
  • CyberStockroom - Item transfer
    Item transfer
  • CyberStockroom - Product distribution
    Product distribution
  • CyberStockroom - Inventory map
    Inventory map
  • CyberStockroom - User accounts
    User accounts
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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