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About Exizent

Exizent is a legal case management solution that enables legal firms to handle bereavement and probate operations. It helps lawyers to streamline legal and financial processes based on an individual's will and distribute their properties and assets in compliance with legal requirements. The application allows employees to communicate with the families and executors of a deceased individual and verify documents via a unified platform. Exizent lets legal teams create bereavement cases, add information about assets and liabilities and synchronize beneficiary data in real-time. Additionally, users can capture and store information related to client’s properties, vehicles, investments and other assets in a centralized repository. Exizent provides a host of features includi...

Exizent Pricing

Small Team Package(includes 1 user): £0 per month + £30 per case + £150 p/m for additional users Medium Team Package (includes 3 users): £250 per month + £30 per case + £30 p/m for additional users Large Team Package(includes 10 users): £350 per month + £30 per case + £25 p/m for additional users

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