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LawAlign is a legal management software solution specifically designed for Personal Injury Attorneys. This solution offers customizable integration plans based on the systems users already have in place and is available for on-premise deployment.

LawAlign’s case management module allows users to set rule-based task scheduling and create personalized task lists. Its workflow tracking feature is customizable to fit law firms’ current practices. In the system's case overview dashboard, users can see a calendar of important dates and events. Reminders can be set up to alert users when key dates are coming up.

LawAlign also provides databases for various types of contacts, including clients, attorneys and insurance carriers. Users can also generate documents from customizable templates.

Standard case screens include documents, notes, insurance, employment, medical records, litigation and case expenses. LawAlign can then automatically calculate reports on fees and disbursements.

Users can share databases between iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows users. This software is licensed per user in perpetuity.

Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7 , Mac OS , Windows 8

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