Top Grovo Competitors: The Best Grovo Alternatives for Your Business

Grovo is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) businesses can use to create and assign training courses and materials to learners. The course creation tool allows businesses to build training programs using existing files, including Excel sheets, PDFs, videos and more. Companies can also use pre-made microlessons from Grovo’s course library.

With Grovo, businesses can create learner groups and assign courses to a group in bulk. Learners can access online lessons from their desktop computer, laptop or mobile device such as a tablet, iPhone or Android smartphone. As learners complete courses, Grovo can generate reports such as course completion rates and learner performance reports.

Here’s a quick look at Grovo's key features:

  • Course creation: Helps companies create courses using existing documents, videos and files.
  • Premade microlessons: Offers a library of short lessons that can be combined with other learning materials to create full courses.
  • Learner management: Allows users to organize learners into groups and manage course assignments.
  • Course tracking: Delivers reports such as course completion rates, learner engagement/performance metrics and more.
  • API integration: Offers integration with HRIS systems and single sign-on (SSO), allowing learners to access courses with a single login.

Reviewers at Software Advice like Grovo for being an easy-to-use solution. One reviewer notes:

“It's easy to use and is very smooth. The transitions from screen to screen are very slick. I like that I can put video with my tests so that my trainees have visual reinforcement.” - David from eShipping

Though many users at Software Advice find Grovo simple to use, a few specifically mention difficulties with hosting content, especially SCORM files. So, to help you find the ideal software, we’ve listed five popular alternatives to Grovo below.

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Most Asked-About Grovo Alternatives
Top User-Rated Grovo Alternatives
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Most Asked-About Grovo Alternatives

Below, we’ll cover the three alternative LMSs that users search for the most online alongside Grovo.

Note: you can learn more about our Alternatives methodology here.


Configio allows companies to build online courses and tests for training purposes. It also helps businesses meet training compliance requirements with course completion certificates and expiration date tracking.

Configio offers automated scoring of online assessments and helps instructors keep track of which courses are assigned to which learners. Conversely, learners can view courses assigned to them on a centralized dashboard.

Configio claims to be an all-in-one solution offering email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce management, content management and event management solutions, in addition to their LMS. Companies can use each application separately or combine them into an integrated suite.

Key features of Configio’s LMS include:

  • Exam and course builder: Helps companies create courses using existing training materials, which can include videos, surveys and quizzes.
  • Automatic grading: Generates automatic results upon completion of an assessment.
  • Instructor portal: Enables instructors to track courses and assessments assigned to learners.
  • Learner landing page: Allows learners to view the courses they have completed and the certificates they’ve earned.
  • Notifications: Sends emails and text messages to alert learners as well as instructors of pending courses, overdue assessments and other course details.


A cloud-based LMS, SkyPrep offers functionalities such as course creation, learner management, course branding options and learner reports.

With SkyPrep’s course builder, companies can create courses using MS PowerPoint or Word files, as well as online content such as YouTube videos. When it comes to learner management, the solution offers users the ability to group similar learners together, self-enrollment, automated email notifications and more.

Once learners complete a course, SkyPrep automatically creates certificates and delivers performance reports in the form of charts and graphs. The solution also allows customization and branding of course certificates with company logos and different colors and fonts.

Users at Software Advice like SkyPrep for its ease of use. One reviewer states:

“So easy to use. [You] can upload and begin training within minutes. Allows tracking of training completion, time requirements. Quick and easy to change and add training, trainees etc.” - Elizabeth from Compass Health Brands, Inc.

Here’s a summary of SkyPrep’s key capabilities:

  • Content management: Allows users to create courses using PDFs, videos, live links and more.
  • User management: Enables learners to self-enroll and helps instructors set up user roles and permissions.
  • Reporting: Provides reports such as a learner’s test scores, attendance in online courses and progress along the learning path.
  • Integrations: Offers API, SSO and third-party integrations with BigBlueButton, LinkedIn and other popular tools.


eFrontPro is an LMS that enables businesses to create courses using existing documents and Prezi slides as well as SCORM and Tin Can files. Besides courses, companies can build surveys and assessments with different question types such as multiple choice and checkboxes.

In addition to assigning web-based courses to learners, instructors can organize videoconferencing sessions using integrations with third-party webinar tools such as Cisco WebEx and BigBlueButton. Instructors can also use gamification features such as leaderboards and badges to engage learners.

Reviewers at Software Advice praise eFrontPro for being simple and easy to use. One reviewer comments:

“We use it for surgery courses, a lot of videos, presentations, it is easy to manage the information and check the progress of students. The online support is also awesome!” - Alejandra from MEDUsafe

Key capabilities of eFrontPro include:

  • Course management: Allows companies to build training programs consisting of courses, assessments and surveys.
  • Learning delivery options: Enables instructors to train learners through online courses or videoconferencing.
  • Integrations: Offers SSO integration, rest API and plug-in development guides.

Top User-Rated Grovo Alternatives

The following Grovo alternatives have been selected due to their high ratings from users on Software Advice.

Note: You can learn more about our Alternatives methodology here.


Litmos is a popular LMS that allows businesses to create online courses and assessments for employee training. Instructors can create courses using existing documents or import training materials from other Tin Can-compliant e-learning authoring tools such as Articulate or Lectora.

Users can set up virtual classrooms to manage learners and assign courses in bulk. Once learners take a course, they can view their scores and certificates on a learner dashboard. Likewise, instructors can access performance reports of learners and gather feedback with the built-in survey tool.

Litmos also offers third-party integrations with solutions such as BambooHR, Salesforce, Zendesk and more.

On Software Advice, reviewers appreciate Litmos for its breadth of capabilities. One reviewer comments:

“Litmos offered more in terms of course development tools, storage capacity, reporting capability and ease of use than any other product we looked at. From the sales staff to the helpdesk, everyone is cheerfully supportive, quick to respond, and the questions get answers.” - Valerie from InDemand Interpreting

Here’s a brief look at the key capabilities offered by Litmos:

  • E-learning authoring: Enables businesses to create online courses, quizzes and surveys.
  • Virtual instructor-led training sessions: Offers an integration with GoToTraining; instructors can create and schedule virtual training sessions.
  • Certification management: Helps in designing course-specific certification programs and automates course completion certificates, as well as decertification.
  • Integrations: Offers integration with many third-party tools such as Salesforce, Shopify and more.


Canvas is an LMS with features especially designed to help educational institutions create and deliver online learning. While typical LMSs offer course creation, compliance and learner management functionalities, Canvas focuses more on teacher-student communication.

To that end, it offers a feature called SpeedGrader Annotations, which allows teachers to leave in-line comments with highlighting on documents submitted by learners. Further, the system enables teachers to record feedback in the form of video and audio messages.

Many users at Software Advice recommend Canvas for teachers. One reviewer writes:

“I have been using Canvas for over six years now. I started using it as a student. It was easy to take quizzes and submit homeworks. For the past two years I have been using it as a teaching assistant. The software makes it super easy to grade homework, upload reading material and send messages to students. It is by far the best learning platform I have used.” - Abha from Northwestern University

Here’s a quick look at the key functionalities of Canvas:

  • Course management: Helps instructors create and assign online courses made up of reading materials, video tutorials, discussion boards and quizzes.
  • Grading management: Automates grading and generates gradebook reports.
  • Feedback management: Enables teachers to offer feedback using annotations, video and audio messages and more.
  • Notifications: Helps users schedule automated reminders and announcements about course due dates, grading policies and more.

Next Steps

While this report features five popular alternatives to Grovo, there are many more products on the market that could work for you. To learn about more LMS options, give us a call at (844) 687-6771, and our software advisors will walk you through the different solutions. To get price quotes delivered to your inbox, fill out this short questionnaire.

In addition, to help you in the software selection process, we’ve created a downloadable checklist that scores Grovo on core features commonly offered by LMSs, so you can compare other potential LMS platforms.

How to use this checklist:

  1. Download the checklist.
  2. Enter up to four other products you are considering as an alternative to Grovo.
  3. Choose “Yes” or “No” for each of the features on the list, to indicate whether the product offers that feature.
  4. Add any related features at the bottom of the list.
  5. A score is automatically generated, so you can see how they stack up against Grovo.

Note: We built the list of core features appearing on the checklist based on our FrontRunners data. Learn more about our FrontRunners methodology here.