Vimago Software

Vimago is a suite of modules designed to assist with employee training for new systems or software. It is available as a cloud-based solution and is suitable for midsize to large businesses.

The Vimago Assist module is an application overlay that monitors users while they navigate the designated software and provides tips to facilitate understanding. The solution is able to deploy step-by-step help overlaid on each application screen or object.

Vimago Collaborate includes a cloud-based enterprise knowledge management system which centralizes e-learning and instructor-led training (ILT) content, including new and existing content stored across multiple systems, making it searchable from any device with a browser. Users are also able to edit and publish updates in real time.

Assima Analyze monitors all content usage and access, records user content ratings and provides detailed analytics of in-application assist activity. It provides real-time reporting on the usage and access of all help content.

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