Nortridge is a cloud-based and on-premise loan servicing system designed for enterprise lenders. It caters to lenders in consumer finance, branch-based lenders, auto finance and government organizations. Key features include enterprise-grade security, granular configuration options, loan automation and workflow management.

The solution supports pool loans, term loans and non-revolving term loans. Lenders can also customize interest rates, payment types, payment intervals and other loan payment criteria. The workflow management feature helps users manage tasks including audit control, foreclosures, originations and bankruptcy.

Nortridge’s loan origination feature helps lenders manage the online loan application process. It also allows users to generate loan documents and send automatic responses for loan approvals and denials. Lenders can also set rules for loan officers, branches and other related departments to manage the online application system.

Support is available via phone and an online ticketing system. Monthly subscription and perpetual licenses are available.

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August 2014

Frank from CU Lending Solutions

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August 2014

Exceptional Loan Management System

I have 3 consultancy clients in auto finance that utilize the Nortridge Loan System. Having been in the auto finance business for over 25 years, I find the Nortridge Loan System to be a superior product and would highly recommend it