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Uberall is a multi-location marketing platform that helps businesses get found, be chosen, and drive engagement. Our customers drive 140% more branded search and are twice as likely to be chosen by their target customers after par...Read more about Uberall


Sensolus offers a tracking solution from asset management to supply chain and lets users track and manage non-powered assets such as containers, trailers, boxes, and equipment. The solution addresses the challenges posed by the sc...Read more about Sensolus

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ArcGIS is a mapping and analytics solution that helps businesses in healthcare, banking, manufacturing and other industries manage field operations, data collection, visualization, workflow configuration and more. Field workers ca...Read more about ArcGIS

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AuthorityLabs is a cloud-based search engine optimization (SEO) platform that helps track and monitor website rankings in search engines. Primarily catering small to midsize businesses, consultants and agencies, it provides key in...Read more about AuthorityLabs


eSpatial is a cloud-based mapping software that helps share, visualize and analyze multiple layers of data by transforming spreadsheets into comprehensible maps and graphs. Primarily catering small to large businesses, the softwar...Read more about eSpatial

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Maptitude GIS and mapping software is the most capable and cost-effective solution to: ➡ Optimize sales territories, vehicle routes, and site locations ➡ Visualize, analyze, and present mission-critical data ➡ Maximize profits, t...Read more about Maptitude

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LandVision is a cloud-based real estate management solution designed to help medium to large businesses perform map-based research and analysis of properties. Its drag-and-drop interface enables users to upload proprietary or thir...Read more about LandVision


Intelocate is a comprehensive operations platform designed for multi-location organizations, featuring task management, issue resolution, communication, and in-depth reporting in an intuitive dashboard. By consolidating various t...Read more about Intelocate

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Yext (NYSE: YEXT) helps organizations answer every question about their business. Yext's Answers Platform collects and organizes content into a Knowledge Graph, then leverages a complementary set of products — including Listings,...Read more about Yext

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PoolCar is an asset tracking and location intelligence solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to vehicle monitoring, passenger tracking, fleet optimization, key management, and more on a centralized platform. ...Read more about PoolCar

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Chatmeter is the brand intelligence company reimagining customer connections and reputation management through AI-powered deep listening. We make it easy for multi-location brands to drive real-time impact through relevant insight...Read more about Chatmeter

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Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram Mathematica is a technical computing solution that provides businesses of all sizes with tools for image processing, data visualization and theoretic experiments. The notebook interface enables users to organize documents ...Read more about Wolfram Mathematica

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Smartrak is a fleet management software that helps businesses in the utilities, infrastructure, government, education and healthcare industry track assets and manage administrative operations. Professionals can track the real-time...Read more about Smartrak

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Salesforce Maps

Formerly MapAnything, Salesforce Maps is a cloud-based field service and sales platform that allows users to streamline operations and automate business processes. Salesforce Maps is used in industries such as financial services, ...Read more about Salesforce Maps


Maptive is a mapping solution that helps businesses create sales territories based on multiple methodologies, including boundary mapping, heatmaps and demographic mapping, among other categories. It allows users to use a drag-and-...Read more about Maptive

4.6 (7 reviews)


Location Insights you can trust. CleverMaps is a map-based analytics platform transforming how the world is using data to solve location-related problems. CleverMaps empowers people and organizations to make data-driven decisions...Read more about CleverMaps

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Nrby's location intelligence software allows you and your team to digitize existing manual processes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your data. Easily capture, share and take action on your data, all in one place. Create...Read more about Nrby

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GeoMetrx is an online sales and territory mapping solution that enables franchise organizations, retailers, restaurants, marketing agencies, and sales teams to transform static business data into dynamic informative visualizations...Read more about GeoMetrx

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Bloom Intelligence

Bloom Intelligence is a platform for restaurant and retail WiFi marketing. Use existing WiFi access points to collect visitor behavior data while at your place of business. Passively collect comprehensive customer profiles with ve...Read more about Bloom Intelligence

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Direction Local

Looking for a faster, easier way to reach new customers in your area? Direction Local is an all-in-one local marketing and reputation management solution for businesses based in the U.S. By signing up, your business will be lis...Read more about Direction Local

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RetailTune is a reputation management and marketing analytics solution that helps businesses create, update, publish, and manage content across multiple platforms, such as Google My Business, Facebook Locations, Google Maps, and o...Read more about RetailTune


IPinfo's cloud-based APIs and databases offer industry-leading IP address data. Individuals and businesses of all sizes use these insights to implement unique use cases on their websites. It can help businesses to customize websit...Read more about IPinfo

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HyperTrack is a cloud-based live location tracking solution for deliveries and visits. It includes a variety of features such as ridesharing, workforce automation, logistics, on-demand and package delivery, marketplace aggregators...Read more about HyperTrack


Samsara helps the largest and most complex operations organizations empower workers, save on fuel, and build a world-class safety program—all from a single easy-to-use, integrated platform. With tens of thousands of customers ac...Read more about Samsara

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Moz Local

Moz Local allows you to enhance your visibility in local searches and maximize your online presence through listings and reputation management. Main features include location data distribution, listings management, reputation mana...Read more about Moz Local

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Lokasi Intelligence

LOKASI is a powerful and unique analytic tool, created based on Indonesian market demand. Becoming and remaining successful in a constantly changing environment, requires more and better data....Read more about Lokasi Intelligence

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TargomoLoop offers an easy-to-use, plug-and-play platform to analyze and plan locations, whether these are stores, micro-fulfillment centers, retail banks, restaurants, bars, e-mobility charging stations, transit stops & stations,...Read more about TargomoLOOP

5.0 (4 reviews)


Placekey is a free and open universal standard identifier for any physical place so that the data pertaining to those places can be shared across organizations easily. Placekey creates a common industry standard for identifying a...Read more about Placekey

5.0 (3 reviews)


Matidor is a map-based project management and collaboration platform which has been developed to directly address a need in the field services industry. It helps facilitate the complex relationship between oil & gas industry profe...Read more about Matidor

4.7 (3 reviews)


PathSense is a software development kit (SDK) that helps enterprises embed geofencing capabilities in their business applications. With PathSense Departures, the application automatically detects movement using telematics technolo...Read more about PathSense

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C2RO PERCEIVE proprietary AI analytics platform analyzes customer behaviour and provides game-changing visitor journeys, socio demographics and point of sale analysis, even in large physical spaces where there are significant gaps...Read more about C2RO

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ipapi is built on AWS and trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Find the location (city, region, country, postal/zip, latitude or longitude) and other information (currency, timezone or languages) for an IP address (both IPv4 & IPv6)....Read more about ipapi

Boundless Guest

Boundless Guest is a guest WiFi software that helps businesses streamline operations related to network management, user data collection, compliance monitoring and more from within a centralized platform. It allows customers to si...Read more about Boundless Guest

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MyWifi Networks

MyWifi Networks is a WiFi marketing solution, which enables resellers, managed service providers (MSPs) and digital agencies to analyze, set up and monetize guest WiFi networks. Administrators can manage access permissions for sub...Read more about MyWifi Networks

4.5 (2 reviews)


Lystloc is a real-time location intelligence mobile application to manage your sales team, field support team and office employees' location-based attendance. Added, the field employees' customer visits, sales orders, total order ...Read more about Lystloc

4.4 (5 reviews)


PinMeTo is a user-friendly marketing platform designed to help businesses with multiple locations manage their online presence effortlessly. Our platform addresses the everyday challenges you face, offering tools that make it simp...Read more about PinMeTo

5.0 (5 reviews)


Smappen is an online platform that offers businesses robust territory mapping software to conduct meticulous market research. With Smappen, users can map territories, access invaluable population insights, and analyze competitors ...Read more about smappen


Woosmap is a geolocation API platform that offers search functionality, maps, distance calculation and background location-detection capabilities. It provides access to location data using geocoding capabilities. Woosmap includes...Read more about Woosmap

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Favendo Commander

Favendo Commander is the back office behind the RTLS solutions of Favendo. It allows you to manage venues, floors and users on your own. With Commander, you can easily manage your tracking or navigation solution. The tool maps th...Read more about Favendo Commander

3.3 (4 reviews)

IP Geolocation API

IP Geolocation API is a precise and real-time IP location service that returns pertinent data points that include more than a user’s geographical location. The tool also obtains the user’s ISP, AS details, and type of Internet con...Read more about IP Geolocation API

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Locance operates an enterprise-grade Location-as-a-Service platform offering a multi-source geolocation API. Customers use Locance for gaming geolocation compliance, content localization, asset management, and more. The web servic...Read more about Locance


Galigeo is a suite of location intelligence software solutions that enable businesses to visualize, analyze, and optimize sales and operations performance. Galigeo is designed for retail, healthcare, public sector, telecom, and ot...Read more about Galigeo

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Moving Walls

Moving Walls is an DOOH AdTech company that specializes in pioneering out-of-home (OOH) media solutions globally. Operating across 15+ countries, our diverse team collaborates towards the common goal of digitizing the OOH media la...Read more about Moving Walls

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DESCIFRA is a market intelligence solution that helps businesses grow with the power of their data. DESCIFRA acquires, curates, enriches, stores and analyzes data from the physical and digital world using machine learning and AI. ...Read more about DESCIFRA

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INFORM Safety and INFORM Tolling software from PrePass helps trucking companies and fleets improve safety scores and reduce toll related costs. As part of the PrePass weigh station bypass and toll payment platform, INFORM softwa...Read more about PrePass

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Tenna is a construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations. It lets you know more, with reliable tracking and a unified platform for mixed fleets, built on over 100 years of construction experience....Read more about Tenna

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Maple is a cloud-based math software that combines a math engine with an interface that makes it easier and more efficient for the user to analyze, visualize, explore, and solve mathematical problems. The software allows users t...Read more about Maple

5.0 (2 reviews) is a unified geospatial platform that empowers businesses to build, scale, and manage their own mapping ecosystems, and harness AI to optimize for every use case and region. Maps have always been made for individual...Read more about


Developed by geospatial experts with a passion for data analytics, Maply is super easy to use and requires no to minimum training. It is made for professionals and big enterprises as well as students, teachers, small and medium bu...Read more about Maply

Maple Flow

By providing a flexible, whiteboard-style environment, Maple Flow allows design engineers to easily sketch out and formalize technical ideas, revising and reordering content with simple drag-and-drop behavior. Users can add math, ...Read more about Maple Flow

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Motive, formerly KeepTruckin, builds technology to improve the safety, productivity, and profitability of businesses that power the physical economy. The Motive Automated Operations Platform combines IoT hardware with AI-powered a...Read more about Motive

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Splash is a guest Wi-Fi management software designed to help businesses in the transportation, restaurant and retail sectors provide internet access and gain insights into user behavior. The multi-lingual platform enables administ...Read more about Cloud4Wi

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Fract Territory

Fract is a cloud-based location intelligence software designed for companies that want to leverage geographic data to optimize business operations and gain key insights. Fract provides territory mapping, area analytics, location i...Read more about Fract Territory

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PlantQuest is an enterprise facilities and asset mapping platform. It caters to maintenance and facilities teams, safety and emergency response teams, training departments, and mobile workers in industrial facilities. PlantQuest d...Read more about PlantQuest

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Rio SEO® is the leading provider of an all-in-one local marketing platform proven to increase online visibility, grow e-commerce, and drive in-store revenue for enterprise brands worldwide. In today’s competitive, data-driven loca...Read more about Rio SEO

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IP2Location offers IP geolocation technology to identify and geolocate visitors' geographical information like country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ISP, time zone, proxy and so on by using IP address. IP2Location provides...Read more about IP2Location

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Intuizi is a business intelligence platform founded by experienced marketing and technology professionals. These people have seen many challenges that businesses are facing right now and this is the main goal of Intuizi is to help...Read more about intuizi

5.0 (2 reviews)


A complete solution to generate more in-store traffic. It helps increase sales by guiding customers to the product. The white-labeled solution designed to drive more footfall enables teams to book appointments and generate custome...Read more about Findmystore

5.0 (1 reviews)


Create unlimited forms or checklists without any code using Fielda. The application promises an easy-to-use interface to manage assets' inspection, installation, and maintenance. In addition, Fielda helps teams create custom workf...Read more about Fielda

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EOSDA LandViewer

EOSDA LandViewer is a satellite observation imagery application that enables on-the-fly searching, processing, and obtaining important insight from satellite data. Satellite imagery with a resolution of a range from 0.4 meters pe...Read more about EOSDA LandViewer

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Anvil Tech

The best most Flexible and cost-effective Solution that helps businesses track their inventory's status and locations, submit paperless inspections, create a Maintenance Planner. Defect Reporting and attach media as well as pin po...Read more about Anvil Tech

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Mobal is a software designed to manage business profiles. It assists various sectors such as small businesses, restaurants, retailers, automotive companies, service providers, agencies, and enterprises. These entities can control ...Read more about Mobal

5.0 (1 reviews)


INRIX IQ is a suite of cloud-based location intelligence solutions that help uncover actionable insights from location data. INRIX IQ caters to cities, transportation agencies, automakers, businesses, insurance companies, real est...Read more about INRIX IQ

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Atrius Personal Wayfinder

Atrius is a personal wayfinder solution that allows businesses to generate and deploy digital maps of indoor spaces, with support for routing and wayfinding, geofencing, location-based search, and more. The software is designed fo...Read more about Atrius Personal Wayfinder

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Maplytics is a mapping and location intelligence platform for businesses. Maplytics helps companies in a variety of industries, from sales and marketing to operations and logistics, gain valuable insights from their location data....Read more about Maplytics

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Get location insights for any physical place across Europe. Drive more traffic to your business, generate additional revenues and reduce risks thanks to data-driven decisions....Read more about mytraffic

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Genio assists with contact-less attendance and payroll by identifying ID cards and logging staff members' attendance. Realtime tracking enables businesses to locate where the employee is physically located. Smart ID card tracks ...Read more about Genio

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MappyField 365

Dynamics Mappyfield 365 is a map integration plugin that assists users in viewing CRM data on maps. It shows details like client data, sales data, revenue data, and more. This plugin is the best friend of sales and marketing manag...Read more about MappyField 365

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Hapn provides precise GPS tracking tailored for modern asset management. Monitor your fleet, assets, and equipment in real-time across multiple locations. Hapn's intuitive custom reporting delivers actionable insights for a compre...Read more about Hapn

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Inpixon RTLS

Inpixon's real-time location systems (RTLS) enable you to digitally track the real-time location of physical things throughout large indoor facilities. As a type of indoor positioning system, RTLS primarily leverages radio-frequen...Read more about Inpixon RTLS

No reviews yet enables businesses of all sizes to automate data extraction from websites, emails, PDFs, documents, and internal systems. The platform is built on top of AI and ML technologies like NLP, image recognition, and predictive...Read more about

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Evidence is a mobile application that lets supervisors monitor employees' locations and assign work. It allows field teams to assign tasks on the map and capture evidence of work using a digital signature. Evidence includes a dig...Read more about Evidence

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Atlas is a location-based platform that connects businesses, their assets, and their teams in real-time. It empowers asset owners through real-time location tracking and performance analytics, as well as smart alerts that provide ...Read more about Atlas

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Infor Location Based Intelligence

In a healthcare landscape characterized by intricate operations and the constant movement of patients, medical equipment, and personnel, the need for real-time insights and comprehensive management solutions has never been more pr...Read more about Infor Location Based Intelligence

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Prolo Store Locator

Prolo Store Locator is a cloud-based software that helps retailers add store location functionality to their websites. With Prolo Store Locator, adding a store locator to the website is as simple as embedding a single line of code...Read more about Prolo Store Locator

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Urban SDK

Location data optimization for your team to use. Urban SDK offers GIS data, visualization studio and insight management across transportation, real estate, civil engineering sectors and more. Create custom visualizations, filters,...Read more about Urban SDK

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LocationsXYZ offers points-of-interest data of real-time locations and their geometrical boundaries that help you in spatial analysis. Whether business expansion strategies, personalized marketing messages, or understanding compet...Read more about LocationsXYZ

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Mapbox is the live location platform preferred by over 4 million developers and powers the location intelligence of platforms, apps, and brands around the world. Mapbox provides global map data, real-time traffic, geocoding and ad...Read more about Mapbox

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Symaps is a location intelligence solution for businesses and organizations managing locations. It enables them to plan their physical presence and distribution strategy for their brick & mortar investments. Ideal for location pla...Read more about Symaps

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Geo Targetly

Geo Targetly is an all-in-one geo targeting platform designed to help global brands increase website conversions using geolocation data. It can be used by multi-location and multi-lingual businesses with location-specific web page...Read more about Geo Targetly

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Ideal Postcodes

We help businesses improve UX and data quality with our addressing solutions. Address validation is the process of capturing and validating addresses on a form, whether on a CRM, website, app or POS. Users start typing in any pa...Read more about Ideal Postcodes

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LynkGrid is a terminal coordination system that helps streamline logistics operations. The platform brings together all operational groups, like gate operations, parking operations, crane operators, yard operators, transporters, a...Read more about LynkGrid

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Hinfo is ushering in a new mobile and contactless guest digital solution so that guests can stay connected and informed during the stay. With the majority of smartphone users spending almost all the time using mobile apps each da...Read more about Hinfo

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Datoms is an Industrial IoT Platform for Rental Businesses, OEMs and Enterprises. Datoms helps in optimizing the entire fleet of assets and equipment by connecting them to the internet using IoT devices and sensors and tracking th...Read more about DATOMS

Fluid Mobility

Fluid Mobility is a cloud-based GPS tracking solution that offers RTLS (real-time location system) to help organizations mitigate security and productivity concerns attached to mobile devices while leveraging digital geo-based dat...Read more about Fluid Mobility

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The Rand Platform

Rand McNally Fleet Solutions is a cloud-based fleet management platform that enables businesses to streamline processes related to asset tracking, logistics, vehicle routing and more. The solution helps users track vehicles or ass...Read more about The Rand Platform


Nomoko is a location intelligence platform that offers required information about real estate properties. Users can access legal and market data, zoning law, nearby points of interest, transportation and other details about proper...Read more about Nomoko

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SmartMaps powered by YellowMap is a cloud-based GIS software. The SmartMaps API enables simple and fast integration into the system landscape. With SmartMaps, team members can make their data visible worldwide and benefit from com...Read more about SmartMaps

5.0 (4 reviews)

SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics is our flagship offering for self-service data preparation, visual discovery, interactive reporting, and dashboards--as well as easy-to-use analytics--with governance. SAS Visual Analytics allows non-technical...Read more about SAS Visual Analytics

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LOCALBOSS is a Google Maps reviews manager that helps small local businesses improve Google scores by allowing them to easily request, answer and share real customers' Google reviews. It helps teams - Track real rating and ratin...Read more about Localboss

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SAS Viya

Organizations face increasing demands for high-powered analytics that produce fast, trustworthy results. Whether it’s providing teams of data scientists with advanced machine learning capabilities or delivering mobile applications...Read more about SAS Viya

4.4 (5 reviews)

Living Map

Living Map is a digital wayfinding and indoor/outdoor mapping solution. The Living Map Digital Wayfinding platform helps people navigate complex spaces and find their way through large buildings, campuses, or even entire cities. U...Read more about Living Map

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PC*MILER is a fleet management solution that helps businesses in the transportation industry streamline processes related to route planning, asset utilization and more. Professionals can utilize the platform to compare and optimiz...Read more about PC*MILER

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Lambent Spaces

Lambent Spaces is a software platform designed for space planning in higher education and corporate real estate sectors. This software employs ceiling sensors and Wi-Fi to examine space utilization and trends within buildings. Lam...Read more about Lambent Spaces

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Unolo is a field service management software designed to optimize the field team's performance. With real-time employee location tracking, expense management, custom leave management, geo-tagged tasks, and more, it offers a suite ...Read more about Unolo

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HiperIoT is an advanced IoT (Internet of Things) platform that revolutionizes the way businesses manage and optimize their connected devices. With a user-friendly interface and powerful features, HiperIoT empowers organizations to...Read more about HiperIoT

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Caseboard is a solution specialized in data integration and analysis, whose functionalities improve the processes of criminal investigation, auditing, prevention and the fight against fraud. Based on interaction with various secu...Read more about Caseboard


Intangles is a fleet management software that helps businesses monitor vehicle health, driver behavior, and fuel. The platform enables managers to detect faults and breakdowns across vehicles and receive predictive alerts for main...Read more about Intangles

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Huq is a leading provider of data intelligence, delivering accurate and actionable mobility insights to empower strategic professionals in government, retail, real estate, and finance to make informed decisions with confidence. R...Read more about Huq

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Aruba Merdian is a cloud-based location services platform that enables businesses to manage the tracking of assets floor plans, maps, notifications and more via a unified portal. The platform allows users to upload custom floorpla...Read more about Meridian

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Dista Insight

Dista Insight empowers businesses with deeper visualizations, optimized territory planning with complete clarity on under-served or over-served areas, reduced resource overlap. Dista Insight helps users uncover spatial patterns i...Read more about Dista Insight

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Foursquare Studio

Foursquare Studio is an advanced geospatial visualization and analytics platform. With Studio, you can join, enrich and visualize large-scale datasets for analysis, create and share vibrant interactive maps with stakeholders and...Read more about Foursquare Studio

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Tango Lease Administration and Lease Accounting is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses in the real estate industry manage rent payments, expense reconciliation, tenant administration and more. It streamlines the entire ac...Read more about Tango

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Factori is a data intelligence tool that offers businesses insight into customers and data. It supplies consumer and identity data, aiding companies in developing a comprehensive understanding of the customer base for effective pr...Read more about Factori

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Small address mistakes can become big problems for organizations. With inaccurate or insufficient address data in your customer database, you'll likely encounter billing inaccuracies, client shipping issues, increased risk exposur...Read more about Smarty

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Foursquare Places

Foursquare Places is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses track and manage location-centric data across points of interest (POI). It's designed for gathering business databases, competitor performance, and customer data. T...Read more about Foursquare Places

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GeoPostcodes offers an international postal code database that caters to the requirements of various businesses. With georeferenced and structured postal data, businesses can enhance their operations and streamline processes. It...Read more about GeoPostcodes

5.0 (4 reviews)


Designed for businesses in construction, logistics, aviation and other sectors, Transpoco is a cloud-based platform that helps manage fleet operations. Key features include global positioning system (GPS) vehicle tracking, routing...Read more about Transpoco

5.0 (3 reviews)


Designed for field sales teams, RouteIQ is a cloud-based platform that helps streamline route planning within Zoho CRM. The solution helps sales teams map their CRM leads, deals, contacts, accounts, and events to visualize sales o...Read more about RouteIQ

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Mapsted is an indoor positioning system offering navigation and location intelligence solutions. It serves businesses in various sectors aiming to improve customer experiences and operational efficiencies. The system provides mob...Read more about Mapsted

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Favendo SDK

Favendo SDK is an indoor navigation software created by Favendo. It is designed to aid venues in providing indoor guidance for individuals. Its use is prevalent in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, sports stadiums, event a...Read more about Favendo SDK

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Ion Track

Ion Track offers an Employee Tracking Service that allows real-time location tracking of field employees without the need for a GPS device. By installing a mobile app on the employee's Android device, businesses can easily monitor...Read more about Ion Track

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Favendo Location Engine

Favendo Location Engine is a powerful software solution that enables real-time tracking and locating of assets. With the Favendo Location Engine, users can seamlessly integrate various technologies such as BLE, AoA, or GPS to enha...Read more about Favendo Location Engine

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Drivewyze PreClear is a cloud-based fleet management app that allows users to legally bypass weigh stations and mobile inspection sites from either a mobile device, tablet or electronic logging device. Drivewyze also provides...Read more about Drivewyze

3.8 (6 reviews)


SOCi is a cloud-based marketing solution that enables businesses to streamline processes related to campaign advertisements, online reputation, content management, customer engagement, and more. Professionals can utilize the platf...Read more about SOCi

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Route One ELD

Route One ELD is your go-to FREE FMCSA-certified ELD, designed to streamline fleet management and ensure compliance for truck drivers in the US. Our platform offers a free ELD app that simplifies Hours of Service (HOS) tracking, m...Read more about Route One ELD

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Mergin Maps

Mergin Maps is a field data collection tool built on the free and open-source QGIS which allows you to collect, store and synchronise your data with your team. It removes the pain of writing down paper notes, georeferencing photos...Read more about Mergin Maps

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Agility is precision advertising - the third pillar of digital advertising after paid search and paid social - and is eliminating brand awareness as we know it. With advertising costs rising in paid search and social and a lack ...Read more about Agility

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