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CaraSolva Caregiver Management Suite is a cloud-based solution that enables healthcare providers to track critical activities in the daily health routines of patients. It primarily caters to long-term care providers, pharmacies, home health care and nursing facilities providers.

The solution consists of three modules: MedSupport, CareSupport and Pharmacy Support. MedSupport provides tracking and scheduling of medication, tasks, nutrition, exercise and appointments. Its Alert feature enables care providers to be informed in advance of a critical situation so they can respond accordingly.

The CareSupport module is an extension of the MedSupport module and enables reporting of daily life events such as behaviors, incidents, ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living), weight change and sleep. The Pharmacy Support module interfaces with pharmacies for transmitting prescriptions. This module can also be integrated with other long-term care pharmacy software.

CaraSolva also provides a wellness report and survey through which providers can identify health trends and devise long-term treatments.

Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Windows XP , Mac OS , Linux , HP-UX , AIX , Solaris , Unix , IBM OS/400 , Web browser (OS agnostic) , Windows 2000 , Windows 8

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