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Notifii Track

Notifii is a cloud-based package management and community notification platform that allows users to streamline package management operations. Primary features of Notifii include package information, the ability to log packag...Read more about Notifii Track


MAILERS+4 is a mailroom management and address verification solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to data cleansing, address printing, mail sorting processes, and more from within a unified platform. It allow...Read more about MAILERS+4


Click2Mail is a cloud-based web-to-print solution that helps small to large enterprises manage mailing lists, projects, orders and more. It enables users to upload multiple documents on the platform and retrieve specific files fro...Read more about Click2Mail


ShippingEasy is a cloud-based shipping and inventory management solution suitable for small to midsize e-commerce businesses. Key features include order management, label customization, integration with multiple seller channels, r...Read more about ShippingEasy

PackageX Logistics Cloud

PackageX Receive is a cloud-based package management software that automates package receiving operations at all kinds of receiving sites. Its modern technology streamlines different logistics workflows, including label data inges...Read more about PackageX Logistics Cloud

Address Enhancement Software

Address Enhancement Software is an address verification software used to ensure accuracy and reduce failed deliveries. This platform includes features such as USPS address verification API, real-time processing, and USPS presort. ...Read more about Address Enhancement Software

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rtdiQ is a cloud-based mailroom management solution that enables education, government, healthcare and other organizations to manage and track packages and deliveries. The application includes a notifications system, which automat...Read more about rtdiQ

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SendPro Enterprise

Easy-to-use tools provide a more efficient way to send out shipments and automatically adapts to the growing business over time.SendPro offers unique features like integrated webhooks with WebDialogs and AWS Lambda that allow you ...Read more about SendPro Enterprise

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SphereMail's mailroom solution automates the process of organizing, distributing, and tracking postal mail for corporate employees and their customers. SphereMail's full-stack API allows the adoption of its cutting-edge technolog...Read more about SphereMail


PakLog is a mailroom and delivery management solution designed for private and corporate mailrooms, mail and parcel centers, residential concierge and university housing associations. Organizations can maintain records, conduct au...Read more about PakLog

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Parcel Tracker Mailroom

Parcel Tracker is a cloud-based mailroom management solution that helps businesses manage incoming and outgoing packages. The platform allows users to scan the names or barcodes of incoming parcels, categorize them by the recipien...Read more about Parcel Tracker Mailroom

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PitneyShip is a shipping platform that helps small businesses streamline shipment and delivery tracking operations. It enables employees to access discounted shipping rates from multiple shipping and courier services including USP...Read more about PitneyShip

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PackageLog from LogWare is a cloud-based solution designed to help property management professionals track incoming packages for residents. Key features include package tracking, notifications and custom branding. The solution cat...Read more about PackageLog

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Postage $aver

Postage $aver bulk mailing software helps small-volume and medium-volume mailers meet USPS requirements and earn these low rates, so it costs you less to deliver your message. Postage $aver is ideal for small businesses, nonprofi...Read more about Postage $aver

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Online Post

ClickSend Online Post Service is a cloud or virtual mailbox service where users can send letters, statements, or marketing postcards from any computer or mobile device. The platform provides a fast and cost-effective solution fo...Read more about Online Post

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eFACiLiTY Mailroom Management System

eFACiLiTY Mailroom Management Software automates corporate mailroom operations and tracks consignments across multiple sites/multiple locations. eFACiLiTY® helps to monitor & record the delivery status and track the consignment st...Read more about eFACiLiTY Mailroom Management System

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SmartAddresser is a mailing solution that enables government agencies, universities, nonprofits and other organizations to manage sorting, job scripting, printing, address verification, and other activities. The application allows...Read more about SmartAddresser

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Envoy is transforming modern workplaces for hybrid work and safely bringing people together so they can connect, collaborate, and thrive. Envoy’s workplace platform has redefined how companies welcome visitors, keep employees safe...Read more about Envoy

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SwipedOn is the world's easiest, most loved flexible workplace management system for Apple and Android. Manage your visitors, employees, resources and more. Customize the logo, colors and backgroundto match your branding. Sync m...Read more about SwipedOn

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Mail Room

Mail Room is a digital mailroom automation software that automates operations and eliminates paper-based communications. A digital trail of every item in the mail is created after the mail is scanned and stored. It assists with fi...Read more about Mail Room

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