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BuyerView | 2013

Over the years, we've spoken to thousands of manufacturing software buyers. As a point of reference, we thought it would be helpful to provide potential buyers with an overview of manufacturing software buyer pain points and reasons for purchasing a new software system.

Key Findings:

  1. The vast majority of manufacturers we spoke with are purchasing software to automate manufacturing processes and improve the efficiency and organization of their operations.
  3. Manufacturing software buyers that use manual methods (e.g. spreadsheets) to manage their processes were most likely to report that they are looking to purchase software to improve their effectiveness.
  5. Two-fifths of software buyers were looking to replace legacy software. They wanted to replace their software because their current solution was outdated or unsupported.
  • Prospective Buyers’ Current Methods of Tracking Manufacturing Processes

    About three-fifths of buyers were looking to replace manual methods, such as paper or Excel spreadsheets, while two-fifths were seeking to replace some kind of legacy software.

  • Reasons for Purchasing New Manufacturing Software - High Level

    The vast majority of software buyers cited the need to improve their efficiency, accuracy, or organization through automating their manufacturing processes.

  • Reasons for Replacing Existing Software

    Three-tenths of buyers replacing existing software were doing so because it was old, outdated, or unsupported. Functionality was another major area of concern.

  • Reasons for Replacing Manual Methods

    Among buyers using manual methods to track their manufacturing processes, most recognized the need for automation to improve their effectiveness.

  • Application Requirements

    Almost all buyers are looking for manufacturing execution and resource planning capabilities, with just over half seeking financial accounting as well.

  • Top Manufacturing Market Segments

    Job shop, metal fabrication and industrial machinery manufacturers account for 45 percent of our sample making these the most represented industries in report.

  • Demographics: Top Manufacturing Software Buyers by State

    We spoke with manufacturing software buyers from many states, but California is the top state in our sample representing 16 percent of buyers in our sample.

  • Annual Revenue of Software Buyers’ Companies

    Fifty-one percent of manufacturers in our sample have annual revenues less than $5 million. Only 10 percent of our sample generate more than $50 million in revenue.

  • Deployment Preferences

    As most industries move toward web-based software, buyers of manufacturing software are not yet seeking web-based systems at the rate of other industries.

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