CloudFactoryWorx by Future Foundation is a digital manufacturing software solution that serves small to midsize businesses in markets including automotive, biotechnology, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, transportation equipment, wire and cable and more. CloudFactoryWorx is offered exclusively as a cloud-based solution and is both Mac and PC-compatible.

Features offered within CloudFactoryWorx include manufacturing execution, quality management, supplier management and business intelligence. These features are all offered within a suite, or on a stand-alone basis. It offers a customizable WIP dashboard to monitor manufacturing order production states. The rule-based dispatcher performs integrated actions to transact bills and order invoices.

Additional features include advanced material tracking, an integrated work instruction traveler, real-time SPC and data analytics, non-conformance management and cloud-based record management integration, cloud link process control and more.

CloudFactoryWorx is iPad and tablet-compatible. The cloud-based accessibility allows users to view real-time data from their devices at any time.

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October 2017

Kenneth from Form Factor Inc

Company Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

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Value for money

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October 2017

Tailored made to our budget, without the hassle of managing licenses, IT hardware and IT personnel.

Excellent value for money, and I can opt for additional training and certification for my Champions as we grow.


Web Based Interface allowed technicians to collaborate easily, and data was available securely.
Customer service is always available for our concerns, with a real person based out of CA, not some Call-Center!
I am able to manage the costs too, as it grows and shrinks as our company does.