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Since 1998, iRely has provided leading solutions to manufacturers seeking better control of their operations. iRely Process Manufacturing is designed to offer food process manufacturers a simple, effective way to streamline and optimize their manufacturing operations. 

In today's competitive market, success depends on the flexibility, efficiency, quality control, and traceability of your operations. iRely Process Manufacturing provides complete visibility at every stage of the process, so whether you have a single plant or multiple locations and a global footprint, you have real-time access to inventory tracking, lot traceability, yield management, and more.

On the production side, iRely Process Manufacturing offers modules to optimize your production line. This includes robust plant scheduling, materials management, manufacturing execution, as well as real-time visibility into inventory (including work-in-process). 

When it comes to quality management, there are tools for blend and recipe management, in-process quality checks, comprehensive lot traceability, and more. By automating your quality control requirements, you can avoid manually tracking data while also ensuring regulatory compliance. This proactive approach to lot tracking also helps alleviate some of the risks involved with a potential recall.

The core of the software is their "Process Modeling Engine", which is configured to mimic the native workflow of your operations. This speeds up the implementation exponentially, getting you up and running quickly. iRely Process Manufacturing is offered as both a locally installed or licensed as a SaaS solution with monthly pricing. We recommend this software to any food process manufacturer looking to improve their business. 


iRely Process Manufacturing - Blend management and blend sheet generation
  • iRely Process Manufacturing - Blend management and blend sheet generation
    Blend management and blend sheet generation
  • iRely Process Manufacturing - Lot tracked inventory management
    Lot tracked inventory management
  • iRely Process Manufacturing - Contract traceability
    Contract traceability
  • iRely Process Manufacturing - The production management and entry screen
    The production management and entry screen
  • iRely Process Manufacturing - Work order schedule
    Work order schedule
  • iRely Process Manufacturing - Lot genealogy diagram
    Lot genealogy diagram
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