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With a unique focus on building personal relationships with each client and working together to achieve goals, Maxx ERP stands out as a unique option within the ERP market. The system has been designed to be easy to use, so that those with all levels of experience can easily make the most of the system, and is a great fit for companies of a variety of sizes and types.

The team at Maxxum ERP Solutions has decades of experience within the market - the first version of Maxx ERP was released in 1983, and was built on a system called Plant Manager. By keeping up with current trends in the market and updating and improving the system throughout the years, Maxx has been able to help clients for almost 25 years, building relationships with each company.

Functionality-wise, the system offers an advanced array of features designed to address the needs of a variety of markets, including distribution, manufacturing, supply chain management, and customer relationship management. The design of the applications is fully customizable, ensuring that the system will work well with each company’s unique workflow and branding.

We recommend Maxx ERP to small and mid-sized companies in a variety of market verticals, including consumer products, electronics, metal fabrication, and more. For businesses looking for an affordable and robust, end-to-end ERP solution with a focus on building a lasting working relationship, Maxx ERP should be on your shortlist as an option to consider.


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Windows 8

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