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NDS Systems, LLC provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for small to mid-sized organizations in the discrete manufacturing, wholesale distribution and fulfillment industries. Built on a sound and stable Oracle platform, the NDS ERP solution is a scalable application that grows with the needs of your business, while also allowing you to streamline operations and work more efficiently.

The NDS ERP solution for wholesale distribution has a proven track record of supporting “buy-hold-sell”, “sell-source-ship” and “drop ship processes” for your business operations. This includes the ability to process scheduled, back-to-back and direct orders, automatic accessory selection and configure-to-order facilities. It also provides distributors with tools such as quoting, commission tracking, and sales analysis fully integrated with accounting, order processing, inventory, warehouse management and purchasing.

The NDS ERP solution for discrete manufacturing provides two complementary underlying manufacturing methodologies: traditional work orders and lean or repetitive manufacturing. These models co-exist and cooperate with each other. Sophisticated planning engines plan any number of items in minutes, and these plans drive both manufacturing paradigms. JIT/Repetitive supports an agile shop floor by providing a quick and flexible production schedule. Work order users benefit from being able to operate in minimal reporting mode, and are able to turn on full reporting for specific items, operations or work centers as needed. Every transaction is stored in the perpetual data for analysis. With just one click, you can transition a complex on-the-fly configuration from one sales order to all work orders needed to build it.

The NDS Fulfillment Manager is an extension to the robust functionally of the NDS ERP solution. With this powerful combination, NDS Systems has been able to successfully market and deliver the kind of software solution you need for today’s e-commerce and B2B initiatives. The NDS Fulfillment Manager Billing Calculator also provides controls to automatically calculate a billing period for a client according to their contract. Billing controls can be configured by the user to be date sensitive. They can also set multiple billing rates, define thresholds, allow billing on demand or be event driven.

Since 1985, NDS Systems has been setting the standard for enterprise resource planning solutions. NDS understands that the ERP software market is in a state of constant flux. These ever changing market conditions present a unique set of challenges for any ERP vendor. That’s why NDS is always adding new functionality and features to the NDS ERP solution, so that they may better serve the ever-changing needs of their customers.


NDS ERP Applications - Manufacturing Work Order Component Picking
  • NDS ERP Applications - Manufacturing Work Order Component Picking
    Manufacturing Work Order Component Picking
  • NDS ERP Applications - Bill of Materials Entry Screen
    Bill of Materials Entry Screen
  • NDS ERP Applications - MRP Results - Summarized Bucket Inquiry
    MRP Results - Summarized Bucket Inquiry
  • NDS ERP Applications - WIP Material Location Inquiry
    WIP Material Location Inquiry
  • NDS ERP Applications - Manufacturing Work Center Load Inquiry
    Manufacturing Work Center Load Inquiry
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000

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