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AMT is a robust, cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that was developed specifically for small to medium-sized apparel and retail firms that manage everything from clothing to accessories, footwear and electronics. With almost 20 years in the industry, AMT was designed by a team with extensive knowledge of the market and more than a century of combined experience all over the world.

The focus of AMT is usability; it's extremely user-friendly and highly customizable, offering both small and enterprise-level manufacturers and importers a complete ERP and supply chain solution to more effectively manage their operations. Functions built into the software include powerful complete financials, as well as demand planning, inventory control and strategic sourcing. There are also powerful tools to handle every facet of the supply chain, from the suppliers themselves to procurement, warehouse and transportation management.

AMT was originally developed in the early 90's, but it has since been completely redesigned to meet the increased technology demands of the market. The updated, cutting-edge version currently available was developed using leading Microsoft technologies like their powerful .NET framework, SQL Server, Sharepoint and more. It also utilizes the robust BI Suite for robust reporting and analysis.

Orion was recently selected as the entrepreneurial firm of the year by Ernst & Young and offers exemplary customer support from experienced industry professionals. We recommend AMT to retail and apparel firms seeking a strategic, scalable ERP solution.


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Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Brian from Castlewood Apparel Co.

July 2012

July 2012



Product Quality

Customer Support

My name is Brian Pincus and I have been implementing Apparel Software for years and have used all types of ERP, PLM, and PDM. So when I give a review for Apparel Software, I am basing this on my years of expertise.

AMT by Orion Inc. is the most sophisticated, easy to use, and up-to-date ERP system available for the Apparel Industry. I don't make that claim lightly either. 99% of the ERP systems for the Apparel Industry have not been created for the Apparel Industry. AMT was and it shows. People who understand the Apparel Industry first and programming second built this system. This means a lot when you are looking for apparel logic, especially retail math. Most systems will not handle Retail Math and as such Available to sell numbers are notoriously wrong. AMT does it correct and does it correct the first time.

The ease of the system can't be stated enough. I was able to get three companies with over 26 labels onto AMT without a break in service in less than 6 months and that included all Imports, Sales, and EDI setups. This is usually an unheard of implementation time frame and we were mentioned in Apparel Magazine Top 2012 Innovators due to this. We would never have been able to make this happen if it wasn't for the ease of use of the system, the great Support from AMT, and the willingness of Castlewood's Upper Management to move forward.

AMT's support team is always available and it doesn't matter if it is 11:30pm on New Years Eve. (I actually was working with them one year during that time) Support has always answered quickly and all fixes that were needed were handled as a top priority. Patches are installed when necessary by AMT and not by our companies IT team. Meaning AMT takes the responsibility of their updates and will not leave it up to the individual Apparel Companies, which other ERP systems do.

Castlewood's team was trained extremely quickly and majority of the users picked up the system after 1 training session. Some users picked up the system without any sessions. AMT has the functionality that we expect nowadays in an ERP system. I have worked with giant ERP's like SAP, which can't handle a third of the abilities that AMT can. Example is the use of a Master Item# and Master Item UPC for prepack use and carton markings. SAP couldn't do it but AMT does it with ease.

From switching systems, I have seen at least a 20% jump in efficiency in processing orders, taking in imports, allocating, and billing. My reporting is live and 100% accurate with Apparel logic. If you want a system to build a spaceship, them AMT is not for you, but if you want to run an Apparel Company. AMT by Orion Inc. is a company that should be on the very top of your demo list.