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Proqur was developed utilizing years of hands-on experience working within the manufacturing and engineering sectors; this expertise led to a streamlined procurement solution suitable for firms in a variety of sectors. The system is a particularly good fit for small to mid-sized engineering and manufacturing firms in aerospace, automotive, industrial, and medical.

This robust system can manage orders, keeping track of all information in one centralized location, rather than multiple platforms (such as email, spreadsheets, etc.). Order status updates are just a few clicks away, and any important data or conversations can be noted and attached to each order to improve cohesion and communication within a team. This way, all essential data pertaining to an order can be found in a single space.

Team members can more easily collaborate using Proqur, by commenting on orders, with expanding features to include role-based task assignments. To inform those that need to know of an updated order status, team members can log in to check the status of each order independently, leading to fewer calls and emails. Proqur also contains incident documentation, so that a problem record can be quickly created if an incident arises. Documenting and reviewing these issues can help users recognize any trends that could be causing a bottleneck and adjust the procurement process as needed.

With Proqur's advanced reporting capabilities, firms can monitor and assess each phase of the procurement process, including challenges like supplier delays, order costs, and overall manufacturing quality. These reporting features lead to improved visibility, and ultimately guide companies towards making more accurate, timely decisions surrounding their business.


Proqur - Dashboard
  • Proqur - Dashboard
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  • Proqur - Order detail
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