Questica ETO Software


Questica ETO is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that assists small to midsize custom design manufacturers. Questica ETO integrates with 3D CAD packages from SOLIDWORKS and AutoDesk and QuickBooks.

Questica ETO’s customer relationship management feature helps sales teams to identify prospects, tag clients and market new businesses. Users can generate reports to track sales activities, orders and projected profits. The solution provides an interface with MS Word, MS Excel and MS outlook and allows users to link documents electronically.

Questica ETO lets users to estimate material and labor costs for projects using pre-designed templates. The solution allows users to set individual margins and prices for each job estimates. It also assists users in real-time tracking and management of inventory including work in progress (WIP).


Questica ETO - BOM screen
  • Questica ETO - BOM screen
    BOM screen
  • Questica ETO - Main menu
    Main menu
  • Questica ETO - Parts order
    Parts order
  • Questica ETO - Procurement
  • Questica ETO - Sales labor estimate
    Sales labor estimate
  • Questica ETO - Sample material costing report
    Sample material costing report
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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