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ShopEdge ERP was developed to provide detail-based information, workflow, scheduling, and more to metal and stamping manufacturers in several industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, and Metal Fabrication. The system is offered as both a web-based and an on-premise option, providing maximum flexibility, and giving clients a choice when it comes to their preferred deployment method. 

ShopEdge ERP's scheduling engine gives a broad view of a particular job schedule, allowing manufacturers to fill gaps accordingly and make the most of equipment usage. By making the most of the time and resources available, businesses using ShopEdge ERP can take advantage of additional requests from clients and potentially increase revenue.

Dynamic Work Flow ensures that manufacturing systems are using the best practices in their day-to-day activities, eliminating inefficiencies and coordinating tasks to create a cohesive and efficient workflow. Within ShopEdge ERP, company-wide data is incorporated, giving maximum visibility and a broad view of manufacturing practices. With this type of system, manufacturers can respond quickly to changes in production or other issues, boosting production quality.

ShopEdge ERP also provides in-depth Business Intelligence tools, which make use of the data collected by the system on a daily basis. By analyzing these granular details, ShopEdge ERP's tools can present data in reports, dashboards, and other visuals to paint a clear picture, so that companies can make more informed business decisions. We recommend ShopEdge ERP to metal and stamping manufacturers seeking a robust manufacturing solution with a full-suite of specialized features, including MRP, MES, Product Lifecycle Management, and more.


ShopEdge ERP - Operator shop floor production screen
  • ShopEdge ERP - Operator shop floor production screen
    Operator shop floor production screen
  • ShopEdge ERP - Interactive executive dashboard
    Interactive executive dashboard
  • ShopEdge ERP - Master production schedule
    Master production schedule
  • ShopEdge ERP - Real-time shop floor monitor
    Real-time shop floor monitor
  • ShopEdge ERP - Shop floor monitor - workcenter detail screen
    Shop floor monitor - workcenter detail screen
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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