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V5 MES by PINpoint Information Systems is a cloud-based manufacturing execution solution (MES) that caters to heavy machinery, automotive, aerospace, defense, agricultural, recreational vehicles and electronics. The solution helps businesses to connect, monitor and control manufacturing routines and data flow on the factory floor.

V5 MES features manufacturing execution, quality management, product lifecycle management and business intelligence. It also features applications for capacity scheduling, statistical process control and product configuration. The solution helps users to detect errors and bottlenecks and make specific changes required to the assembly line.

V5 MES allows users to define tasks and their deadlines on its timeline and keep track of their performance in real time at stations on the line or via different mobile devices. Users can also monitor OEE and Goal Planned Actual for every workstation in real time.

Support is offered via phone and email.


V5 MES - Welcome screen
  • V5 MES - Welcome screen
    Welcome screen
  • V5 MES - Plant overview OEE dashboard
    Plant overview OEE dashboard
  • V5 MES - User interface screen
    User interface screen
  • V5 MES - Fastening operation rundown detail window
    Fastening operation rundown detail window
  • V5 MES - Unresolved product quality items
    Unresolved product quality items
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8, Windows 10

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