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About Leads2List

Leads2List is a SaaS marketing tool that connects with Facebook lead-generation advertisements to grab leads from them. It collects high-quality leads from ads and transfers them to CRM or autoresponder list automatically. It helps users automate their social media marketing campaign after just one initial setup. Moreover, professionals get personalized and live chat support. It connects with any Facebook page in real-time and requires a single setup after which it runs forever and leads keep pouring in without any maintenance. Users can send welcome emails containing access or other details to anyone who signs up. Leads2List allows employees to connect the system to multiple Facebook pages and autoresponders. It brings fresh responsive leads to autoresponder lists ev...

Leads2List Pricing

Leads2List Elite Monthy- $9.95 Leads2List Elite Yearly- $37.00

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$37.00 per year

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Adding Facebook Pages on Leads2List
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