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About Prisync

Prisync is a price optimization and merchandise management tool for e-commerce businesses. The solution helps track competitor prices and stock levels. In addition, it allows users to report this data through various channels. Prisync's dashboard allows users to add details such as competitor products and URLs in order to track their prices and stock availabilities. This solution aims to help businesses set pricing strategies in order to increase profits. Prisync generates email alerts, price/stock change notifications, and provides reports for customized product groups. Other features include batch import, stock availability monitoring, pricing analytics and more. The solution is priced on a per month subscription basis. Support is available via live cha...

Prisync Pricing

Prisync have different pricing plans depending on the number of SKUs to be tracked within an account and also the feature set required by the user. 3 different plans cover up to 100, 1000 and 5000 SKUs respectively and comes with a pricing of 59, 129 and 229 USD/month respectively, along with varying feature sets covered. Companies that need to monitor more than 5000 SKUs with Prisync can get in touch with Prisync, and their team will promptly give a flexible quote. All monthly plans of Prisync can be cancelled any time, so it's a pay-as-you-go model. No contracts, no upfront commitments required.

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$59.00 per month

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