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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a part of family that offers robust social marketing solution to help businesses create and manage the social presence on a variety of social media sites. The solution offers multiple functionalities such as monitoring brand visibility, helping users publish interactive content, and building customer-focused advertising campaigns. The cloud-based system scales easily with any business and can help to harness the power of social media for any businesses irrespective of size or industry segment.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud features 'Workspaces', a collaborative space for teams to engage. The solution also provides a social content marketing tool to help users source, plan, and publish client focused social content.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps to gauge each conversation that occurs online and use it as a tool for addressing feedback, gaining insight into brand perception, competitors, industry, products, and other business-relevant information.

The solution allows users to use data analytics to publish relevant content based on information collected from social media. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the first to be Twitter certified and is listed as a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Partner.

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