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Screenly is a digital signage solution powered by Raspberry Pi. It allows users to display videos, web content and images on TV screens. Screenly can be used to display advertisements, live dashboards, system statuses and in-store video advertising.

The software allows users to manage multiple screens through a single web interface. It provides features like video encoding and local caching, and can also store video and image content in the Screenly cloud. Users can check the status of display nodes, including node uptime and connectivity status.

Screenly allows users to  create playlists for a single screen or multiple group screens. The software sends users screenshots of each screen throughout the day to enable screen monitoring.

Pricing is per month. Support is available via phone and email.


Screenly - View screen test
  • Screenly - View screen test
    View screen test
  • Screenly - Asset data
    Asset data
  • Screenly - Asset list
    Asset list
  • Screenly - Screen locations
    Screen locations
  • Screenly - Manage playlist
    Manage playlist
  • Screenly - Add screen
    Add screen
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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