Top Silverpop Competitors:
The Best Silverpop Alternatives for Your Business

Silverpop is a cloud-based marketing software solution that helps businesses create email marketing campaigns, design web pages and analyze customer behavior on their websites.

With Silverpop, businesses can capture data about customers who visit their websites and social networking pages. This can include personal details about customers as well as their interactions such as which pages they visit on a company’s website, recency of visits, Facebook posts they like and so on. Businesses can use this data to create personalized email drip campaigns and marketing messages.

Here’s an overview of Silverpop’s features:

  • Email marketing: Helps businesses develop and carry out email campaigns as well as measure their success.
  • Web page and form creation: Enables businesses to build landing pages and online forms.
  • Web monitoring: Tracks interactions and engagement levels of customers on websites.
  • Lead scoring: Segments prospective customers based on their website interactions, demographics and more.
  • Mobile engagement: Automates SMS and push notifications for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Companies might want to take note that Silverpop is an IBM company offering integration capabilities with popular tools such as Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

Having said that, Silverpop is not the right marketing solution for all companies. To that end, we’re looking at five alternatives to Silverpop that could better suit your needs.

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Most Asked-About Silverpop Alternatives

These three alternative marketing automation solutions are searched for online alongside Silverpop the most often.

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Marketo is cloud-based marketing automation software that offers lead management, customer engagement and email marketing capabilities. The solution comes with a website tracking tool that scores the SEO-friendliness of website pages and offers recommendations to improve search rankings. In addition, website visitors are tracked by their industry and company size and shown personalized content based on the likelihood of purchase or where they may be in the sales funnel.

Marketo also offers an email marketing solution that integrates out of the box with third-party tools such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Netsuite and more. Additionally, companies can create events through integrations with videoconferencing solutions such as Cisco WebEx and CVENT.

Most reviewers at Software Advice like Marketo for its easy integrations with various customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. One reviewer especially recommends the Salesforce integration:

“No other MA [marketing automation] platform will match the SFDC [Salesforce Developer Community] integration (including SMC [Salesforce Marketing Cloud]), which makes it a no-brainer for any SFDC customer truly investing in MA. The partner community is vast with integrations to do almost anything you need. And, of course, the marketing piece is insanely customizable to the customer journey.” - Brent from Strike Social

Key features of Marketo include:

  • Lead management: Scores leads and prioritizes them based on demographics and behaviors.
  • Email marketing: Helps to build email campaigns and send and track email communications.
  • Marketing reports: Offers performance reports of marketing campaigns and the buyer’s journey across the sales funnel.
  • Mobile marketing: Helps businesses target mobile users with push notifications, emails and SMS marketing.


Another popular alternative to Silverpop is HubSpot, cloud-based marketing automation software that combines sales, CRM and inbound marketing. Using HubSpot, companies can monitor website visitors, measure marketing campaign performance and track leads on a single dashboard.

As a marketing tool, companies often use HubSpot to design marketing web pages, blogs and drip email campaigns. As a sales tool, it’s used for sales management from creating a database of leads and reaching out to prospects with marketing campaigns to tracking lost and closed deals. Additionally, businesses can centrally track customer communication including email threads, social media conversations and direct calls.

Users who have left reviews on Software Advice like the fact that HubSpot combines sales and marketing functionalities. A reviewer notes:

“The best thing about the HubSpot CRM is that it is another extension between the marketing team and the sales team. It has helped us all be on the same page, and continues to help us grow and work together.” - Sean from Hi5 Creative

HubSpot offers the following key functions:

  • Pipeline management: Helps businesses track prospects along the sales funnel.
  • Email tracking: Monitors engagement on email campaigns such as open rates, bounce rates, conversions and more.
  • Website management: Helps businesses design landing pages with call to action buttons, embed forms and track performance.
  • Customer tracking: Captures details about customers and centralizes conversations and data.


Pardot is a cloud-based marketing automation tool with functionalities such as email marketing, lead generation and sales management. With the software, companies can build email marketing campaigns, landing pages and web forms to capture leads. In addition, the solution helps score leads based on interactions and engagement metrics such A/B testing reports, keyword performance reports, landing page views etc.

Built on the platform, Pardot offers a native integration with Saleforce CRM and third-party integrations with popular solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite and more.

Most users at Software Advice like Pardot for its integration capabilities. A reviewer notes:

“I like the seamless integration of old MailChimp templates. Scheduling out e-blasts is pretty easy and intuitive.” - Jerod from Rowmark, LLC

Pardot’s key capabilities include:

  • Lead scoring: Scores prospects based on their web page visits, email open rates, the questions they ask customer service reps on website chat and more.
  • Pipeline tracking: Helps to monitor prospects at different stages in the sales funnel within Salesforce CRM.
  • Segmented email marketing: Enables businesses to send marketing emails to prospects based on their lead scores.
  • Marketing ROI reports: Tracks email campaign performance, lead conversions and more.

Top User-Rated Silverpop Alternatives

This section features two Silverpop alternatives that reviewers on Software Advice rank highly.


MailChimp is a cloud-based best-of-breed email marketing solution that helps businesses design drip emails, manage subscriber lists and track the performance of email campaigns.

The essential difference between MailChimp and Silverpop is that MailChimp is exclusively an email marketing service, while Silverpop helps in other facets of marketing as well, such as lead scoring, website monitoring and more.

That said, MailChimp does help businesses automate marketing processes by integrating with third-party CRM and content management systems (CMSs). This includes sharing subscriber details with Salesforce, syncing customer details with Magento and more.

Reviewers at Software Advice appreciate MailChimp for being an easy-to-use solution. One reviewer states:

“It's intuitive and easy to train others on. Templates are attractive and simple to customize. In just a few minutes each week, a professional looking email can be composed and scheduled.”
- Jeremy from Tales of the Cocktail

Key features of MailChimp include:

  • Email templates: Offers premade templates you can customize with drag-and-drop design functionality.
  • Automation: Allows users to create triggers and rules for sending bulk emails to different types of users.
  • Reporting: Delivers reports of email open-rates, click rates and lost subscribers.
  • Integrations: Offers third-party integrations with Shopify, Salesforce, Facebook, WooCommerce and more.


Act-On offers a cloud-based marketing automation solution for creating and managing email campaigns, landing pages, web forms and more.

Along with marketing automation features, Act-On offers reporting to help businesses track the progress of leads across the sales funnel, analyze performance of drip email campaigns and monitor behavior of website visitors.

Additionally, Act-On offers an integration marketplace with third-party vendors, which include content marketing, video marketing, videoconferencing solutions and more.

Software Advice users like Act-On because it offers many different functionalities. One reviewer writes:

“What I like best is having a wide variety of useful information easily accessible in a single software product. Website tracking, email campaign tracking, tracking assets, tracking social media and more are always just a click away.” - Faisal from Madison

Key features of Act-On include:

  • Visitor monitoring: Helps in tracking website traffic, user keyword searches and pages visits.
  • Lead scoring: Qualifies leads based on their profiles, web page activity and interaction with emails.
  • Email marketing: Helps businesses develop campaigns and send marketing emails as well as track click-through rates, open rates and more.
  • Integrations: Offers integrations with third-party applications such as Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Dynamics.

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