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Chart Links was developed to manage the comprehensive workflow of hospital-affiliated outpatient rehabilitation centers or enterprise-level private practices. The software offers these facilities therapy documentation, scheduling, referrals, insurance verification, charges and more.

Chart Links is a great fit for rehab practices that already have a billing solution in place but are not yet documenting care electronically. With Chart Links, these centers can not only improve patient care but also compliance, reporting, analytics and revenue.

Chart Links has supported the unique needs of the medical rehabilitation market for almost 20 years. The software was designed to handle the workflow complexities of centers employing multi-disciplinary therapists: physical therapists, occupational therapists, audiologists and speech therapists.

Chart Links provides hundreds of standard, discipline-specific evaluation forms for both adult and pediatric patients.  These forms can be customized to meet the documentation needs of each department, service line or therapist.  Also, unlike the scheduling functionality found in typical hospital or enterprise systems, Chart Links makes it simple for multi-disciplinary outpatient centers to schedule patients with more than one therapist per visit; it can designate locations, equipment and other resources as well.

Chart Links specializes in HL7 interfaces into ADT systems, hospital billing software, Clinical Data Repository (CDR) and existing enterprise-wide scheduling solutions. These interfaces offer the rehabilitation department a tailored solution that caters to their documentation needs while also fitting well into the hospital IT infrastructure.

For outpatient rehab centers seeking a complete workflow management system, Chart Links is niche-specific and robust.


Chart Links Rehabilitation - Authorization Fax to Doctor
  • Chart Links Rehabilitation - Authorization Fax to Doctor
    Authorization Fax to Doctor
  • Chart Links Rehabilitation - Insurance ReAuthorization
    Insurance ReAuthorization
  • Chart Links Rehabilitation - Scheduler
  • Chart Links Rehabilitation - SP Evaluations Activities of Daily Living
    SP Evaluations Activities of Daily Living
  • Chart Links Rehabilitation - Therapist Desktop
    Therapist Desktop
  • Chart Links Rehabilitation - Time Tracking Medicare 8 Minute Rule
    Time Tracking Medicare 8 Minute Rule
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows XP

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