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Formed in 1996, TriMed Technologies developed e-Medsys, a powerful software is a great fit for physicians and medical practices in a wide realm of specialties such as cardiology, family medicine, mental & behavioral health, occupational medicine, surgery centers and more. This robust system includes several useful applications to create a more efficient and streamlined workplace; these include medical billing, patient scheduling, and accounting. Depending on the needs of a practice, the e-Medsys Suite allows for the Electronic Health Record module and the Practice Management modules to be offered either separately or as an integrated unit.

One of the features we like is the Custom Clinical Reporting. This component gives users the ability to evaluate significant, precise trends pertaining to patients, physicians, procedures, and other data. Being able to appraise this information can provide not only a higher level of patient care but also track procedural trends.

An additional add on the the software is it’s mobile solution, Amplify. Designed to operate on iPads, iPhones and even iPods, practices can keep working from anywhere, even at home or on-the-go. The mobile capabilities are wide-ranging, allowing users to access patient records, e-Prescribe medication, capture patient signature, track vitals, and much more.

We recommend this system for practices with 3 or more doctors, and any number of users and employees. e-Medsys is ONC certified for Meaningful Use. To ensure a seamless integration, TriMed offers installation and consultation services, as well as long-term support.


e-Medsys - Physician Home Screen- My Desk
  • e-Medsys - Physician Home Screen- My Desk
    Physician Home Screen- My Desk
  • e-Medsys - Logical Patient Chart Flow
    Logical Patient Chart Flow
  • e-Medsys - Customizable Doctors’ Note Templates
    Customizable Doctors’ Note Templates
  • e-Medsys - Interactive Immunization Record
    Interactive Immunization Record
  • e-Medsys - Fully Functional Patient Scheduling
    Fully Functional Patient Scheduling
  • e-Medsys - Comprehensive Patient Inquiry
    Comprehensive Patient Inquiry
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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