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Originally founded in Cologne, Germany, ifa systems AG, the parent company of ifa united i-tech, inc., has nearly 30 years of experience in developing advanced, Ophthalmic medical technologies. In 2005, ifa united i-tech, inc. began to target US clients, further expanding their footprint in the industry. Today, over 12,000 eye care professionals rely on ifa EMR. Their integrated suite offers a highly customizable, complete EMR and PM solution that meets all Meaningful Use certifications.

Ifa EMR comes with unique tools and features greatly benefitting an Ophthalmologist's daily workflow. Ifa’s SmartScreen user interface is simple and eliminates the need for any duplicate data entry. Defined fields are linked with one another to prevent errors in forms. Built with new Windows technology, the Patient Manager allows a user to access the entire medical record from a single menu screen, whether it be notes, prescriptions, images, or drawings.

The ifa EMR also comes with two image applications - their scratchpad for quick sketches and their full-featured ifa EyeDraw which includes pre-built templates. Graphic trend reports give visual representations of a patient’s progress over time.

Information flows from the EMR directly into the PM module. Staff all work from the same screen when checking a patient in and out of their appointment. Ifa’s Claim Error Information (CEI) locates errors so that they can be corrected immediately, saving time and money.

Ifa interfaces with over 450 ophthalmic instruments. It’s one of a handful of EMRs that is AAO IHE compliant. We recommend them to any Ophthalmology-specific practice in the market for a powerful EMR and PM software.


ifa EMR - Built-in reports and letter using Microsoft Word
  • ifa EMR - Built-in reports and letter using Microsoft Word
    Built-in reports and letter using Microsoft Word
  • ifa EMR - Comprehensive drawing tools
    Comprehensive drawing tools
  • ifa EMR - Customizable reviews and exams for all specialties
    Customizable reviews and exams for all specialties
  • ifa EMR - Image management tools
    Image management tools
  • ifa EMR - Track IOP or vision changes
    Track IOP or vision changes
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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Michael from Eye Care & Surgery
Specialty: Ophthalmology

February 2015

February 2015

Easy to implement and use.



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

Easy to customize and learn. Our 20+ techs navigate through this system all day long, and we continue to find ways to use the EMR more efficiently.

Likes Least

It does not come with their own PM system. ifa has "third-partied" us to a PM product, and at times, our billing office has really had to push the PM company to make the interface seamless.


ifa is very dedicated to the ophthalmology market. While not having some of the resources as the bigger companies, you also avoid the nameless account after implementation. If you are looking for a straight forward EMR for your eye practice, you should consider ifa. When you do have to call the company for advice, it can be refreshing to have your call answered by someone who knows you.