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Developed by Medsphere as an enhanced version of the VA’s renowned VistA electronic health record (EHR), OpenVista is a comprehensive, integrated, enterprise-level system designed to meet the challenges of commercial behavioral health hospitals. Features include CPOE, and electronic prescribing; clinical charting and note-taking; group notes and multi-disciplinary treatment plans; integrated laboratory and pharmacy applications; radiology and imaging support; and full financials and patient accounting.

OpenVista emphasizes collaborative partnerships with every hospital client. The company delivers a rapid, expertly managed transition to a digital environment with high customer satisfaction by adhering to four bedrock principles: Affordability, Adoptability, Usability and Availability. OpenVista is the reliable EHR system all hospitals can afford, and all physicians can quickly adopt and use to improve patient care. The system is also familiar to the roughly 65 percent of practicing physicians who have done VA rotations.

The OpenVista interface suite connects the core EHR with new and legacy third-party applications to enhance patient care, facility function and clinician comfort and productivity. 

Medsphere's philosophy of openness extends to pricing, making OpenVista affordable without Meaningful Use incentives. A flat subscription fee based on an initial five-year agreement includes implementation, project management, core interfaces, training, updates and upgrades, product enhancements and ongoing 24/7 client care.

OpenVista implementation times in a single facility average 9-12 months, quickly empowering doctors via a closed-loop medication management process, real time access to patient data and extensive notes and templates. Average implementation times drop considerably in multi-facility settings where economies of scale and repeatable processes come into play.

The OpenVista EHR is an optimal combination of affordable, reliable, and comprehensive. We suggest that commercial behavioral health hospitals with more than four doctors include OpenVista on their short list of systems to review.


OpenVista - Patient Record
  • OpenVista - Patient Record
    Patient Record
  • OpenVista - Patient Chart
    Patient Chart
  • OpenVista - Flowsheets
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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