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Recently ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certified by the Drummond Group, SonoSoft by Empower Technologies is an extremely simple, "point and click" solution that eliminates dictation, offering comprehensive EMR, billing and optional Practice Management functions. SonoSoft is a great fit for solo physicians and small group practices in a few specialties, including cardiology, phlebology and physical therapy. Empower Technologies also offers modules for aesthetics, echocardiography and nuclear medicine.

SonoSoft has a number of features that have been designed to helps practitioners in these specialties work more quickly and more efficiently while eliminating any dictation. All modules are fully integrated into a single platform, making SonoSoft the central resource for patient data, billing information and more. This platform is HL7 capable as well. 

From a single view, users can easily identify referring physician, reading physician and technologist information. The software also lets practices customize the included drop lists to match their workflow and vocabulary. This configurability extends to report templates that can be quickly modified. Using these templates and the pre-populated drop down boxes offered by SonoSoft, users can generate reports fast. These reports are filed automatically into each patient's electronic chart, or they can be faxed straight to the referring physician.

We also really like the "Practice at a Glance" statistics generator, which shows practices instantly: patient referral sources, services provided, accounts receivable, billing statements, daily ledger and more. 


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