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New Relic

FrontRunners 2023

New Relic One is a cloud-based network monitoring and observability platform designed to help businesses analyze, optimize and troubleshoot software stack. Features include real-time alerts, serverless monitoring, incident managem...Read more about New Relic

ConnectWise Automate

FrontRunners 2023

ConnectWise Automate (Formerly LabTech) is a cloud-based and on-premise IT automation solution that helps companies track and manage IT assets from a single location. Content management features allow users to share documents an...Read more about ConnectWise Automate


FrontRunners 2023

Pulseway is an integrated IT assets and network monitoring solution designed for IT administrators to remotely monitor and control their business IT resources. The solution supports multi-deployment architecture, allowing the user...Read more about Pulseway


OpenNMS is an application performance management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare, retail, IT, energy, finance, education, government and other sectors monitor the performance of remote and local networks. Th...Read more about OpenNMS

4.9 (7 reviews)


Netreo is a cloud-based IT infrastructure management solution, which helps organizations manage applications, networks and systems. The platform comes with an automated notification system, which allows enterprises to configure fa...Read more about Netreo


FrontRunners 2023

Site24x7 is a cloud-based website and server monitoring platform that helps small to large size businesses monitor websites, servers, clouds, networks, applications and real-time users. The platform enables users to derive insight...Read more about Site24x7


CloudRadar is a server monitoring solution designed to help businesses manage servers, networks and websites. The application allows users to monitor servers including CPU, hard disk fill levels, attached hardware, network bandwid...Read more about CloudRadar

5.0 (5 reviews)


CloudJacketX manages, detects, and responds to ongoing cybersecurity threats. It can be deployed on-premise, virtually, in the cloud or a hybrid combination. It can protect any size organization against data breaches by leveraging...Read more about CloudJacketX

5.0 (1 reviews)

Network Performance Monitor

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a cloud-based network monitoring solution that enables users to detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues. The solution allows users to design a customizable topology ...Read more about Network Performance Monitor

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EventSentry is an on-premise network monitoring solution that helps businesses monitor the performance of their IP-based devices such as routers, switches and workstations. EventSentry offers four core functionalities: managing lo...Read more about EventSentry

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RG System

RG System is a network monitoring solution designed for managed service providers (MSPs), independent software vendors (ISVs) and office automation companies to monitor, secure and manage IT infrastructures. RG System is a modul...Read more about RG System


Auvik's cloud-based network management software gives you instant insight into the networks you manage, and automates complex and time-consuming network tasks. Real-time network mapping and inventory mean you'll always know exactl...Read more about Auvik

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Security Manager by FireMon

FireMon is a network security management solution for hybrid cloud that ?delivers continuous security for multi-cloud enterprise environments through a powerful fusion of vulnerability management, compliance and orchestration. Wi...Read more about Security Manager by FireMon

4.3 (4 reviews)


CDN77 is a network monitoring software designed to help businesses manage content delivery networks and visualize data across traffic and bandwidth performance in real-time. Administrators can utilize AI-based tools to detect anom...Read more about CDN77


FrontRunners 2023

Datadog is the monitoring, security and analytics platform for developers, IT operations teams, security engineers and business users in the cloud age. Datadog's SaaS platform integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, ...Read more about Datadog

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BLESK is an on-premise ITSM suite that provides businesses across various industry verticals with integrated network monitoring and management tools. Key features include an application performance monitor, a network traffic analy...Read more about Blesk

4.8 (4 reviews)


FrontRunners 2023

Domotz is a Network Monitoring Software on a mission to provide all services providers, MSPs, integrators, and enterprises with affordable network monitoring software that enables you to work smarter, build customer loyalty and so...Read more about Domotz

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AIMS is a cloud-based network monitoring solution that caters to large and midsize businesses across various industries such as health care, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, energy and more. Key features include a baseline manag...Read more about AIMS

4.2 (5 reviews)


Belonging to the monitoring software family, CloudStats keeps employees informed on the state of their infrastructure 24x7. Running on the cloud, it sends users notifications through Skype messages, email and slack notifications ...Read more about CloudStats

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Kentik is a cloud-based network management solution which assists network managers, network engineers and operators with data encryption and access control. Its key features include bandwidth monitoring, network diagnosis, perform...Read more about Kentik

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FrontRunners 2023

NinjaOne is a leading unified IT management software company that simplifies how IT teams work. MSPs and IT departments can automate, manage, and remediate all their device management tasks within one fast, modern, intuitive platf...Read more about NinjaOne

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NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is a network mapping software designed to help businesses in the IT sector monitor bandwidth and analyze network performances across devices. Administrators can discover traffic patterns, track malicious n...Read more about NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

4.7 (3 reviews)


Sensu is a cloud-based network monitoring solution that assists businesses of all sizes with performance data collection and diagnostics. Its key features include server performance, bandwidth monitoring, uptime monitoring, networ...Read more about Sensu


Opsgenie is a cloud-based ITSM and issue tracking solution that helps development and operational teams make strategies for service disruptions and remain in control at the time of incidents. It comes with native applications for ...Read more about OpsGenie

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FrontRunners 2023

Naverisk is a remote monitoring and management solution for businesses of all sizes. The solution is used by managed service providers and IT professionals. Key features include technology monitoring, management patching, alerting...Read more about Naverisk

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Sematext Cloud

Sematext gives businesses full-stack visibility by exposing performance issues, quickly and easily, through a single cloud or on-premise solution. Sematext Cloud is a cloud monitoring solution that helps businesses of all sizes tr...Read more about Sematext Cloud

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7SIGNAL is the leader in wireless experience monitoring, providing insight into wireless networks and control over Wi-Fi performance so businesses and organizations can thrive. Our cloud-based wireless network monitoring platform ...Read more about 7SIGNAL

HashiCorp Consul

Consul is a service networking software designed to help businesses secure network traffic and discover services across public or private cloud and any runtime platform. Key features include server monitoring, network diagnosis, I...Read more about HashiCorp Consul

5.0 (2 reviews)

Germain UX

Custom Platform to increase Adoption, Conversion and Retention, at a fraction of the cost. Germain UX helps Monitor, Analyze, Improve and be Alerted on issues that affect User Experience, 24x7, real-time. Strong features (all cu...Read more about Germain UX

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FrontRunners 2023

Obkio is a simple Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting SaaS solution designed to monitor end-to-end network performance (from WAN to LAN), of all networks types (SD-WAN, MPLS, VPNs, Cloud) from the end user perspective. Obkio i...Read more about Obkio

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Opsview Enterprise

Opsview Enterprise is a network monitoring solution designed to help businesses of all sizes monitor IT infrastructure and applications across cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. IT professionals can establish a hierarchica...Read more about Opsview Enterprise

4.8 (4 reviews)


Byte25 is a network monitoring solution providing comprehensive visibility of network performance and security. The Byte25 solution comprises a deep packet inspection engine for detailed application-layer performance monitoring as...Read more about Byte25

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Wireshark is an open-source network protocol analyzer that lets organizations capture and analyze signals and data traffic across communication networks. It enables IT professionals to detect network issues, analyze and resolve er...Read more about Wireshark

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Noction Flow Analyzer

Noction Flow Analyzer (NFA) is the network traffic monitoring, analysis, and alerting software capable of ingesting NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, NetStream, and BGP data. The tool provides complete network visibility, highlights potentia...Read more about Noction Flow Analyzer

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Checkmk is an open-source IT monitoring solution that helps businesses track and manage servers, applications, cloud infrastructure, databases and more on a unified portal. It includes a customizable dashboard, which enables organ...Read more about Checkmk

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N-able N-central® is an IT management solution that enables organizations to manage and track IT devices. The solution comes with key features that include patch management, antivirus protection, backup and disaster recovery. The...Read more about N-central

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N-able N-sight™ RMM combines remote monitoring and management, remote access, ticketing, and billing capabilities, into one powerful yet easy to use platform that streamlines day-to-operations, combats threats and drives operation...Read more about N-sight

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FrontRunners 2023

Zabbix is a cloud-based and on-premise network monitoring solution designed to help enterprises across various industries such as healthcare, banking, education, or IT track, record and visualize the performance of servers, virtua...Read more about Zabbix

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FrontRunners 2023

PingPlotter monitors and visualizes objective internet performance metrics over time to make network troubleshooting easy. Get real-time feedback on connection problems or schedule alerts to keep watch for you. Share historical ...Read more about PingPlotter

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FrontRunners 2023

Atera’s all-in-one platform enables IT professionals to gain access, visibility, and control over their networks and devices from anywhere, so they can work smarter and faster. With Atera, you can manage your entire IT operation ...Read more about Atera

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VirtualMetric is an all-in-one infrastructure monitoring and reporting solution that combines advanced IT management tools with agentless monitoring to track the performance and reliability of all aspects within any IT infrastruct...Read more about VirtualMetric

5.0 (1 reviews)

GFI LanGuard

GFI LanGuard is an on-premise network security and patch management solution for small, midsize and large businesses. Primary features include patch management, vulnerability assessment, network and software auditing and dashboard...Read more about GFI LanGuard

3.8 (9 reviews)


CrowdStrike is a cloud-based endpoint protection solution, which assists small to large businesses with anti-virus protection and device control. Key features include AI-based testing, data security and threat event detection. ...Read more about Falcon

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Nagios XI

Nagios XI is a server monitoring solution designed to help businesses track IT operations and infrastructure components such as operating systems, services, network protocols and more. Staff members, stakeholders and end-users can...Read more about Nagios XI

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PagerDuty is an incident management solution for monitoring systems and triggering alerts. Key features include monitoring aggregation, event grouping, real-time collaboration, mobile incident management, user reporting and live-c...Read more about PagerDuty

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ipMonitor is an on-premise solution designed to help businesses monitor performance and uptime/downtime across servers, networks and applications. It uses a centralized console to communicate and alert IT staff about application f...Read more about ipMonitor


ITarian is a cloud-based IT and remote access management solution designed to help organizations connect with clients/employees to monitor devices, troubleshoot issues and handle operations. The patch management functionality lets...Read more about ITarian

Splunk Enterprise

The Splunk Enterprise platform allows users to process and index most forms of data in their native format. It includes data indexing tools, which enable users to locate specific data across large data sets. The software is desi...Read more about Splunk Enterprise

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring provides peace of mind to thousands of customers like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, Kraft, and BNP Paribas who trust us to monitor the performance, health, and downtime of their websites, applications, and ...Read more about Uptime Cloud Monitoring

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Galileo Performance Explorer is an IT capacity management suite of software solutions designed to help businesses in financial markets, energy, utilities, health care and retail, government and service providers receive actionable...Read more about Galileo


FrontRunners 2023

Tanaza is a cloud-based IT management solution designed to help businesses centralize the management and configuration of multiple WiFi access points on a unified platform. Professionals can monitor network performance, optimize c...Read more about TANAZA

Learn More is a cloud-based log management and log analysis solution with alerts and machine-learning algorithms. It based on open-source log analysis platform the ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana). Key features include ale...Read more about

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Pandora FMS

FrontRunners 2023

Pandora FMS is an application suite, with which you will be able to collect information about every single critical element in your business. Pandora FMS features a control panel for users to have everything under control inc...Read more about Pandora FMS

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Google Cloud

FrontRunners 2023

Featuring G-Suite and GCP, Google Cloud is a platform that provides a reliable and easy-to-use set of solutions that can be used to tackle the toughest challenges in any type of industry. It provides secure storage options, integr...Read more about Google Cloud

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Workspace ONE

Workspace ONE is a user-friendly intelligence-driven digital workspace solution that enables users to securely manage and deliver any app anywhere and on any device. It provides one source of truth for end user access, provisioni...Read more about Workspace ONE

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insightIDR is a cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) solution that enables businesses to streamline processes related to endpoint detection, behavior analytics, incident response and more. Professionals can...Read more about InsightIDR

4.5 (2 reviews)


Statseeker network monitoring offers unrivaled visibility of your network. It’s fast, detailed, and provides a level of accuracy and insight unlike any other. Statseeker monitors networks edge to edge with a 60-second polling int...Read more about Statseeker

Better Uptime

FrontRunners 2023

Better Stack - Uptime is a website monitoring solution designed to help businesses track errors or issues, manage incidents and share system status via branded pages with customers. Supervisors can configure notifications based on...Read more about Better Uptime

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Corner Bowl Server Manager

Corner Bowl Server Manager is a SIEM, compliance software, an Uptime Monitor and a Server Monitor software tool for IT professionals. Server Manager includes the following components: Event Log Manager - an on-premise log manage...Read more about Corner Bowl Server Manager

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nVision by axence is an on-premise IT infrastructure management solution that helps businesses in monitoring network devices, checking server performance and controlling the environment of the server room. In addition to network m...Read more about nVision


Overmonitor is a cloud-based infrastructure and endpoint monitoring solution. It is suitable for businesses of any size in various industries. With an easy-to-use dashboard, users can access and connect to a network of monitoring ...Read more about Overmonitor

5.0 (1 reviews)


NMIS manages a vast array of devices on simple to complex networks. It allows users to extend its functionality with advanced modules to gain access to additional capabilities. Deploy wherever you need and only pay for the devices...Read more about NMIS

IR Collaborate

IR Collaborate is an on-premise and cloud-based unified communications monitoring solution, which helps enterprises identify and troubleshoot issues to improve productivity across multiple collaboration ecosystems. It supports var...Read more about IR Collaborate


HealthyServers is a server monitoring solution, which helps businesses track server performance through metrics. With its scalable datastore, users can monitor multiple metrics simultaneously and gain full visibility via the visua...Read more about HealthyServers

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BWMeter is a bandwidth monitoring software that helps businesses of all sizes analyze network traffic and prevent slow connection speeds across endpoints. Using the visual reporting functionality, users can determine unwanted net...Read more about BWMeter

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SendQuick Cloud

Omnichannel Notifications for your IT issues When your IP-addressable systems, applications and infrastructure fail, it affects you. It is important that you are equipped with all the information necessary to mitigate potential d...Read more about SendQuick Cloud

4.5 (2 reviews)


LONI is a network monitoring software designed to help engineers and managers in the IT sector administer and manage network infrastructure using mobile or IoT devices. The platform enables administrators to record changes regardi...Read more about LONI

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Xitoring will be your only monitoring dashboard, that gives you the power of the server and uptime monitoring all in one app. Stop using several monitoring apps for server uptime monitoring and server monitoring, get Xitoring, an...Read more about Xitoring

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DUPI is a cloud-based networking monitoring software designed to help businesses manage and gain visibility into AWS Flow logs and network traffic. Businesses can utilize a centralized server to monitor AWS Flow Logs or other prot...Read more about DUPI

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BigPanda is an AIOps solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to event correlation, outage resolution, incident response and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to use artificial intelligence...Read more about BigPanda

4.5 (2 reviews)

HotSpot Software

HotSpot Software is designed to assist businesses with WiFi access management. It enables users to monitor and bill Internet usage by redirecting customers to a sign-in, allowing them to directly process payments from the login pa...Read more about HotSpot Software

5.0 (2 reviews)


Are you struggling with uptime and being on-call? Is your company still using spreadsheet for on-call scheduling and phone trees for alerting? It doesn't have to be that way. iLert is a software for alerting and on-call management...Read more about iLert

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Percipient NMS

Echelon Edge's Percipient NMS is a network monitoring solution tailored to the intricate demands of network management. The proactive system serves as a unified hub that enables users to handle the identification, configuration, m...Read more about Percipient NMS

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i-Vertix is a cloud-based solution for IT infrastructure management. The software offers tools such as IT network management, log & data management and IT asset management. The software helps companies gain a full view of their ...Read more about i-Vertix


CybrHawk XDR provides enterprise-wide protection by analyzing data from any source to detect and prevent sophisticated attacks and providing complete visibility. Simplify security operations to reduce average response time (MTTR) ...Read more about CybrHawk SIEM XDR

5.0 (1 reviews)


Zenoss is an AIOps platform designed to help businesses in the healthcare, finance, IT and other sectors analyze streaming data and events across different environments to optimize application performances. The machine learning-en...Read more about Zenoss

4.3 (4 reviews)


Optanix is a network monitoring and AIOps solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to issue discovery, remediation, prioritization and more from within a unified platform. Team members can use artificial intelli...Read more about Optanix

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Dynatrace is an AIOps solution designed to help businesses automate multi-cloud processes and streamline collaboration across multiple teams through purpose-built use cases. Its filtering capabilities enable supervisors to search ...Read more about Dynatrace

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ScienceLogic is an AIOps and IT monitoring platform, which helps businesses of all sizes monitor service health across cloud and on-premise infrastructure. Features include prioritization, real-time data, workflow automation, beha...Read more about ScienceLogic

4.5 (2 reviews)


Designed for government organizations and businesses in IT, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, finance, and other industries, tbOSS is a cloud-based software that helps manage network security processes, identi...Read more about tbOSS

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Sysdig is driving the standard for cloud and container security. The company pioneered cloud-native runtime threat detection and response by creating Falco and Sysdig as open source standards and key building blocks of the Sysdig ...Read more about Sysdig

4.4 (7 reviews)

PathSolutions TotalView

PathSolutions TotalView is a network monitoring and troubleshooting solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to server monitoring, network automation, geographical risk management and more on a centralized plat...Read more about PathSolutions TotalView

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Entuity is an enterprise network management software designed to help businesses discover, analyze and manage networks across multiple devices. The platform enables administrators to view device-related information including name,...Read more about Entuity

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ServicePilot is a high-performance IT monitoring system supporting highly detailed observability of critical applications, surveillance of thousands of devices, and analysis of millions of events. Combining real-time and historica...Read more about ServicePilot

4.5 (6 reviews)


Waves is a cloud-based hotspot management solution that helps businesses manage Wi-Fi usage for guests. It provides a custom firmware, which enables organizations to set up the installation process, view system updates and make th...Read more about Waves

5.0 (4 reviews)


PULScore is a network performance management solution that enables communication service providers to handle network performance and service level agreement (SLA) monitoring processes. Using PULScore, teams can gain visibility i...Read more about PULScore

ITRS Synthetic Monitoring

ITRS Uptrends Synthetic Monitoring is a website monitoring platform that allows businesses to track uptime across websites, servers and APIs according to requirements. Users can receive alerts about detected issues and gain visibi...Read more about ITRS Synthetic Monitoring

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Unimus is a network automation platform that helps you automate your networks and make managing them easier than ever before. Unimus automates network configuration, allowing you to set up and monitor the network devices in minute...Read more about Unimus

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Flowmon is a cloud-based monitoring and analytics solution that collects, analyzes, and stores network flow data from physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure. Unique capabilities include the ability to monitor application perfo...Read more about Flowmon

4.4 (9 reviews)

sendQuick Alert Plus

sendQuick Alert Plus is an all-in-one web portal that helps you automatically receive instant alerts on your mobile phone whenever critical system errors occur on your computers, servers, and applications. It supports SMS messages...Read more about sendQuick Alert Plus

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PRTG Network Monitor

FrontRunners 2023

Say hello to PRTG Network Monitor, our award-winning and all-inclusive monitoring solution. Let us start by telling you what PRTG is and can do. First and foremost, it is an on-premise and cloud-based network monitoring solution. ...Read more about PRTG Network Monitor

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Black Duck

From small businesses to large enterprises, the amount of open source code being used in software applications today is increasing substantially. Black Duck is the industry's leading solution for open source management and license...Read more about Black Duck

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LogicMonitor’s SaaS-based observability and IT operations data collaboration platform helps ITOps, developers, MSPs and business leaders gain visibility into and predictability across the technologies that modern organizations dep...Read more about LogicMonitor

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WhatsUp Gold

FrontRunners 2023

Progress WhatsUp Gold is the Network Monitoring Software that allows you to track performance information for network devices, servers, storage, and wireless - whether in the cloud or on-premises. Expand your management tool kit b...Read more about WhatsUp Gold

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NetOp is a cloud-based integrated solution that provides a view of networks topology and performance allowing businesses to increase revenue, decrease MTTR, reduce false alarms and stay proactive rather than reactive to network ev...Read more about NetOp

5.0 (1 reviews)


NMSaaS is a SaaS network monitoring solution with Discovery, inventory, configuration, performance, and fault management in one product. This is the industry's most scalable network infrastructure performance and fault monitoring ...Read more about NMSaaS

4.9 (8 reviews)

PA Server Monitor

With PA Server Monitor helps businesses leverage algorithms to predict the number of required servers. Teams can access server monitoring tools including detection of new cloud and utility-based environments as well as server conf...Read more about PA Server Monitor

4.7 (6 reviews)


CloudFabrix Composable Analytics is an analytics platform that provides data observability, AI-powered insights, and cloud cost management. The platform is designed for data, analytics, and cloud leaders in enterprise companies. T...Read more about CloudFabrix

4.5 (2 reviews)


NetBeez is a cloud-based and on-premise network monitoring software that enables IT Organizations to quickly troubleshoot network and application issues that remote as well as in-office users are experiencing. The platform runs sy...Read more about NetBeez

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Reveal(x) 360 is a SaaS network security solution designed to help small to large businesses safeguard networks across hybrid, multi-cloud, containerized and IoT environments. The solution assists with IT monitoring and optimiza...Read more about Reveal(x)

4.3 (3 reviews)


The cutting-edge Sightline Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) real-time operations intelligence and IT monitoring system offers end-to-end cybersecurity, capacity planning, anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and anomaly detection...Read more about Sightline

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Monitorpack Guard

Monitorpack Guard is a web-based and on-premise network monitoring solution that protects users' computers, servers, and all devices against the usual failures. The software alerts users, sends email alerts, and clearly informs th...Read more about Monitorpack Guard

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Speedify for Teams

Speedify is a virtual private network (VPN) solution that helps businesses offer web security by routing traffic via the VPN server. It allows staff members to encrypt web traffic, ensuring protection from several security threats...Read more about Speedify for Teams

4.5 (6 reviews)


The German company Icinga GmbH is an open-source manufacturer for infrastructure monitoring. Its customers include global enterprises, many government institutions, and numerous mid-sized companies all over the world and in all ve...Read more about Icinga

op5 Monitor

op5 Monitor is a network monitoring and application performance management solution that helps businesses of all sizes generate reports to gain insights into hybrid, on-premise, and public cloud-based IT estates on a centralized p...Read more about op5 Monitor

5.0 (4 reviews)


Panopta is an infrastructure monitoring solution that helps businesses track server, application and network performance across cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. The built-in incident hub allows team members to identify i...Read more about Panopta

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DX Spectrum

DX Spectrum (formerly CA Spectrum) is a comprehensive event and fault management system for network operations teams. This solution can discover multi-technology and multi-vendor stacks, including new software-defined networks (SD...Read more about DX Spectrum

4.0 (1 reviews)


Circonus is a unified monitoring platform that provides infrastructure monitoring, log monitoring and analytics, network monitoring, and distributed tracing. Circonus caters to technology operations teams across various industries...Read more about Circonus

4.0 (1 reviews)


myEPITIRO is a cloud-based network monitoring solution that helps users measure internet performance and receive alerts from a unified platform. It lets users way diagnose Wi-Fi problems in their homes or business. The solution pr...Read more about myEPITIRO

4.0 (1 reviews)

Network Detection and Response

Network Detection and Response delivers network visibility, threat detection and forensic analysis of suspicious activities. This service accelerates the ability of organizations to respond to and identify future attacks before th...Read more about Network Detection and Response

4.0 (1 reviews)

Infraon IMS

Infraon IMS is a Unified IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Solution that helps simplify network and systems management by monitoring, managing and optimizing system performance and availability across heterogeneous IT en...Read more about Infraon IMS

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ConnectWise RMM

ConnectWise RMM is a new remote monitoring and management solution built from the ground up to reinvent how MSPs adopt, interact with, and manage their RMM solution. ConnectWise RMM is built upon the infinitely scalable ConnectWis...Read more about ConnectWise RMM

4.3 (6 reviews)


SecureONE is a tool designed for privileged access management. It helps manage user access across departments, branches, and hierarchies. IT administrators can access an overview of system statuses, active sessions, and user ident...Read more about SecureONE

5.0 (1 reviews)

PRTG Hosted Monitor

Paessler PRTG Hosted Monitor allows you to monitor your network from any browser. You get all the benefits of Paessler IT monitoring: extensive features, highly flexible data management and powerful reporting across infrastructure...Read more about PRTG Hosted Monitor

4.5 (2 reviews)

PRTG Enterprise Monitor

FrontRunners 2023

Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring solution for enterprises that need to monitor their IT infrastructures in large environments. Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor enables monitoring of IT Operations, App...Read more about PRTG Enterprise Monitor

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Rakuten SixthSense Observability

Rakuten SixthSense Observability is a single, unified observability solution that allows businesses to comprehensively monitor their architecture, data, and performance. Rakuten provides full-stack observability across Java, Node....Read more about Rakuten SixthSense Observability

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AppNeta is a network performance monitoring platform that helps businesses gain visibility into performance and network issues remotely. Using AppNeta, teams can alert IT when performance degrades and can access real-time, actio...Read more about AppNeta

4.5 (2 reviews)


Sosivio is a predictive troubleshooting tool built for Kubernetes environments and applications. Instantly start observing all flavors of Kubernetes with real-time metrics, cluster health checks and using lean AI to predict and pr...Read more about Sosivio

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CimTrak Integrity Suite

CimTrak Integrity Suite is a database monitoring software designed to help businesses identify and remediate unauthorized changes across files to secure critical assets. The platform offers dynamic version control capability, whic...Read more about CimTrak Integrity Suite

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Elastic Observability

Elastic Observability is a software that helps businesses build, run and monitor their applications. It helps users understand application's performance and how it works. It does this by tracking metrics such as CPU usage, memor...Read more about Elastic Observability

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Elastic Security

Unify SIEM, endpoint security, and cloud security Elastic Security modernizes security operations — enabling analytics across years of data, automating key processes, and bringing native endpoint security to every host. Elastic S...Read more about Elastic Security

Malwarebytes for Business

Malwarebytes for Business is a cloud-based cybersecurity suite comprising Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response. The platform provides enterprise-class threat detection, isolation, and ...Read more about Malwarebytes for Business

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tbXMS is an enterprise-grade network monitoring and management platform. We help you maximize the value of your network by providing you with a single solution for all your IT needs, including network monitoring and management, pr...Read more about tbXMS

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StatusGator is an online service that collects the status updates for over 1,560+ cloud services from their official published status pages. This data is then processed and enriched to help you stay informed about any potential is...Read more about StatusGator

5.0 (3 reviews)


CloudWize is an innovative agentless cloud solution for maximum cloud security and compliance from architecture design to runtime. We are the only cloud security cloud center of excellence. CloudWize provides 360° protection to pr...Read more about CloudWize

4.5 (4 reviews)

Motadata AIOps

Motadata AIOps is a powerful enterprise platform that helps I&O teams process and store data for better decision-making. The platform offers a proprietary framework, DFIT, that leverages AI/ML to analyze data across hybrid IT infr...Read more about Motadata AIOps

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ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based bandwidth monitoring tool that gives end-to-end visibility to monitor application-level traffic usage. The flow-based software allows admins to monitor data, voice, and video traffic along with sign...Read more about ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer is an on-premise log management solution designed for businesses of all sizes across various industries such as information technology, health, retail, finance, education and more. The solution prov...Read more about ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

4.8 (4 reviews)


NetXMS is an open-source network and infrastructure monitoring and management system capable of operating on scattered, extra-large networks with tens of thousands of devices. It’s open-source and you can download it and start usi...Read more about NetXMS

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ManageEngine OpManager

FrontRunners 2023

ManageEngine OpManager is a network management solution that includes network and server monitoring, bandwidth analysis, configuration management and fault management. The solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes. OpM...Read more about ManageEngine OpManager

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NetCrunch is an on-premise network monitoring, alerting and reporting solution suitable for businesses of all sizes across various industry sectors. The solution helps businesses remotely visualize their system performance and mon...Read more about NetCrunch

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Dotcom-Monitor is a cloud-based website monitoring solution that helps users improve the performance, functionality and uptime of their web services, web pages, web applications and IT infrastructure. Key features include a...Read more about Dotcom-Monitor

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ManageEngine Log360

Log360 is a SIEM or security analytics solution that helps you combat threats on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. It also helps organizations adhere to compliance mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and more. ...Read more about ManageEngine Log360

ManageEngine RMM Central

With RMM Central, Managed Service Providers can discover, manage, secure and monitor all their clients' devices from a single console. The system offers 8000+ pre-defined application templates for simplified software management wi...Read more about ManageEngine RMM Central

5.0 (1 reviews)


CAST AI is a software that automates the management of cloud-based resources and is deployed as a virtual machine (VM) and can be used on premises or in the cloud. CAST AI analyzes costs in real time and recommends optimizations b...Read more about CAST AI

5.0 (2 reviews)


NACVIEW is a network access control solution that provides visibility and control over all devices connecting to an organization's network. NACVIEW is designed for mid-size to large enterprises across industries such as healthcare...Read more about NACVIEW

4.2 (5 reviews)

Goliath Performance Monitor

Goliath automatically correlates Citrix/VMware performance data from various sources across the infrastructure including the hypervisor, servers, operating systems, user experience and applications to quickly identify where a prob...Read more about Goliath Performance Monitor


APM is a SaaS solution to keep an eye on the status of all systems in an ICT environment. From servers to networks, from databases to applications, from on-premise data centers to public clouds. By combining the data coming from ...Read more about APM

3.0 (1 reviews)

Load Balancer Enterprise ADC

Load Balancer Enterprise ADC is a network monitoring solution that helps businesses in the healthcare, finance, education, media and other sectors distribute incoming application traffic across various applications. The platform e...Read more about Load Balancer Enterprise ADC

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PLC Group

AQue is a cloud-based energy management tool that helps businesses manage facility infrastructure via inventory management, predictive modeling, customizable alarms, vendor performance tracking and more. Key features include artfi...Read more about PLC Group

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Save time and money managing your MSP business with Syncro's all-in-one RMM, PSA and remote access platform. Automate your administrative processes with ease, allowing you to focus on your clients' needs and generate more revenue...Read more about Syncro

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Docusnap is the all-in-one solution for IT documentation. Users benefit from an automated and time-controlled inventory of the complete IT network. The software automatically provides the data obtained in the process in the form...Read more about Docusnap

4.7 (7 reviews)

Telemetry Hub

An online software service Your complex telemetry data can be analysed by an OpenTelemetry endpoint with a fantastic user interface to extract important observability insights. With TelemetryHub, you may be up and operating in day...Read more about Telemetry Hub

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Field Effect

Field Effect provides businesses of all sizes with powerful cybersecurity solutions to protect them. It delivers complete protection across the entire IT environment, all from one portal. Get visibility into clients’ security pos...Read more about Field Effect

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ITRS Obcerv

ITRS Obcerv is a log management solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to IT alert monitoring, centralized dashboarding, data storage, root cause analysis, and more from within a unified platform....Read more about ITRS Obcerv

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Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is an automated testing software designed to help DevOps engineers, IT managers, developers and site reliability engineers (SREs) monitor application performances. The platform enables administrators to set up al...Read more about Amazon CloudWatch

IBM SevOne Network Performance Management

IBM SevOne NPM provides real-time visibility into the performance and availability of applications, virtualized workloads and infrastructure as well as end-to-end network performance across physical, virtual and cloud environments...Read more about IBM SevOne Network Performance Management

5.0 (3 reviews)

ManageEngine OpUtils

ManageEngine OpUtils is an IP address and switch port management tool that provides end-to-end visibility and control over your network address space. Organization's can leverage OpUtils to make sure there is no network down-time ...Read more about ManageEngine OpUtils

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CopyKitten Air is a cloud-based IP Rights Protection Softwar using the latest technologies from search, tracking and monitoring. The system used unique smart algorithms to detect and protect your brand while also providing an ince...Read more about CopyKitten

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Nfina Technologies

Since 2012, Nfina Technologies has provided products and solutions to IT departments who seek the most up-to-date technology to satisfy their expanding compute and storage needs and make the most of their IT infrastructure budgets...Read more about Nfina Technologies


UVexplorer is a key tool for network administrators and network management. UVexplorer provides automatic network mapping software to quickly discover Layer 2 information about the devices on your network and the connections betw...Read more about UVexplorer

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With the CommandLink ITSM monitoring platform, users have the capability to create a comprehensive custom alert policy for their entire technology stack, with precise workflows based on parameters such as time of day, user, locati...Read more about Monitoring|Link

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Intermapper is an on-premise solution that enables businesses of all sizes to monitor and map activities across distributed IT networks. It comes with engaging dashboards, which allows managers to create and deliver a visual repre...Read more about Intermapper

4.3 (7 reviews)


PanSift is a network monitoring solution. It is designed for IT teams and network administrators who need to keep a close eye on network performance. PanSift provides real-time insights into network health. It offers real-time ne...Read more about PanSift

5.0 (1 reviews)

Network Node Manager i

Network Node Manager i is a network management software that provides real-time visibility into the performance and availability of network infrastructure. It offers a range of features to help organizations monitor and manage the...Read more about Network Node Manager i

5.0 (1 reviews)

IP Address Manager

Designed for businesses in information technology, telecommunications and other industries, IP Address Manager is a cloud-based and on-premise application that helps streamline network management via performance tracking, drag-and...Read more about IP Address Manager

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Network Automation Manager

Designed for small to large IT teams, Network Automation Manager is a cloud-based and on-premise solution that helps streamline network automation and management on a centralized interface. Key features include compliance manageme...Read more about Network Automation Manager

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SolarWinds ® Pingdom® is a powerful and affordable SaaS-based web app performance monitoring solution, combining synthetic and real user monitoring (RUM) for ultimate visibility and enhanced troubleshooting in a single pane of gla...Read more about Pingdom

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Engineer's Toolset

Designed for small to large engineering teams, Engineer's Toolset is a cloud-based and on-premise platform that helps manage network troubleshooting through real-time monitoring, configuration management, bandwidth analysis and mo...Read more about Engineer's Toolset

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AppOptics is an application performance management solution designed to help businesses monitor infrastructure for servers, containers and hosts using dashboards, alerts, data visualization capabilities and more. Developers can mo...Read more about AppOptics

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Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

Designed for businesses of all sizes, Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack is a cloud-based and on-premise tool that helps track and manage network bandwidth via traffic analysis, usage monitoring, performance metrics and more. Key fea...Read more about Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

5.0 (1 reviews)

Log and Network Performance Pack

Designed for businesses in construction, technology, retail and other industries, Log and Network Performance Pack is a network monitoring solution that helps manage log analysis, performance issues, reporting and more. Key featur...Read more about Log and Network Performance Pack

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All Quiet

At its core, All Quiet is a comprehensive incident escalation platform that empowers teams of all sizes to respond to and resolve incidents efficiently. With a user-friendly interface, dedicated apps for Android and iOS, and a sui...Read more about All Quiet

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VMware Aria

Cloud management is the core of any cloud strategy. With VMware Aria, users can manage their multi-cloud environments across cost, performance, delivery automation, and secure configuration. This flexible portfolio of solutions of...Read more about VMware Aria


The Uptycs CNAPP + XDR Platform is a comprehensive security solution designed for modern attack surfaces. Uptycs enables organizations to reduce risk and respond to threats with a single, unified platform that covers the entire mo...Read more about Uptycs

4.7 (6 reviews)


SL-GMS is a low-footprint, high-performance graphical modeling software that allows software developers and graphic designers to create highly interactive dynamic GUIs for real-time process control and monitoring systems that use ...Read more about SL-GMS

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Trellix Network Security

Trellix Network Security is an on-premise and cloud-based solution designed to help businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI), Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) and machine learning (ML) technologies to detect, manage an...Read more about Trellix Network Security

4.0 (4 reviews)


Create your playbooks and interconnect your cyber solutions: Orchestrate all your cyber tools from a single console and get quicker responses to attacks. Automate your processes, create on-call scenarios, and group your alerts i...Read more about TEHTRIS XDR Platform

4.0 (2 reviews)

Ativa Suite

Ativa Suite is a network management solution that comprises a set of cloud-native components designed to help organizations automate the assurance of fixed, mobile, legacy, and advanced cloud-based networks. Ativa Suite uses MLA...Read more about Ativa Suite

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Aruba SD-WAN

Aruba SD-WAN is a software-defined wide area network that allows companies to control their network traffic across any type of connection. It combines the benefits of cloud with the power and flexibility of on-premises technologie...Read more about Aruba SD-WAN

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ThousandEyes is a cloud-based network monitoring tool suitable for large and midsize businesses across all industries. It offers tools to help manage application delivery, view real-time performance data and receive alerts and rep...Read more about ThousandEyes

4.6 (5 reviews)

Aruba AirWave

Aruba AirWave provides complete visibility into your wireless network, including information on every device connected to it and the ability to locate a mobile device with GPS. The platform also tracks performance metrics such as ...Read more about Aruba AirWave

Kaseya VSA

Kaseya VSA is a cloud-based IT management and remote monitoring solution for businesses of all sizes across various industries. It provides a central console for managing IT operations including handling complaints, ticketing, aud...Read more about Kaseya VSA

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Traverse is a cloud-based network monitoring solution that offers tools to monitor hybrid cloud and network infrastructure. The solution is designed to help service providers and enterprises manage their data flow across multiple ...Read more about Traverse

5.0 (2 reviews)

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor helps enterprises manage IT applications, servers, virtual machines and network devices across cloud-based and on-premise platforms. It offers customizable dashboards, which let organizations create c...Read more about Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

3.9 (7 reviews)

Network Detective Pro

Network Detective is an IT assessment tool that allows businesses to detect and fix network issues, identify vulnerabilities and highlight areas for improvement. The plug-in is available in three plans, each providing different ca...Read more about Network Detective Pro


InQuests' cutting-edge Network Threat Analytics product, NetTAC, is purpose-built to help your SOC team operate at peak efficiency by giving them tools to see network activity clearly while staying ahead of the curve. With advance...Read more about NetTAC

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Large digital environments in constant movement require agile monitoring tools that can adapt to changes and provide a support for the growth of the monitored environment. WOCU-Monitoring is a monitoring platform designed for larg...Read more about WOCU-Monitoring

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Orca Security

Designed for organizations operating in the cloud who need complete, centralized visibility of their entire cloud estate and want more time and resources dedicated to remediating the actual risks that matter, Orca Security is an a...Read more about Orca Security

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vSphere is a server virtualization solution, which enables businesses to run, manage, connect and secure applications in a unified operating environment. The system automatically restarts VMs in case of hardware failures and sends...Read more about vSphere

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Azure sensor pack

Azure sensor pack is a monitoring and auto-discovery solution for multiple Microsoft Azure resources. It tracks Azure subscriptions under multiple tenants. The system caters to IT organizations of all sizes using business-critical...Read more about Azure sensor pack

4.0 (3 reviews)


AppDynamics is an AI-powered application performance management (APM) platform that provides businesses with complete observability over the performance of their IT infrastructure. Unifying full-stack performance monitoring, AppDy...Read more about AppDynamics

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