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FrontRunners 2022

Charityproud is a cloud-based nonprofit management solution suitable for small to midsize nonprofit organizations. Key features include constituent management, donation and pledge tracking, campaign and event management, email int...Read more about Charityproud

4.70 (57 reviews)

16 recommendations


ClubExpress is a cloud-based management tool for any association or club. The solution is suitable for arts and cultural clubs, environmental groups, healthcare and hospitals, higher education groups, human services organizations,...Read more about ClubExpress

4.26 (467 reviews)

14 recommendations


FrontRunners 2022

EveryAction is becoming Bonterra. Learn more at Simplify your work and maximize your impact with EveryAction. By combining fundraising, digital, and organizing tools in one powerful platform, you'll eliminat...Read more about EveryAction

4.59 (114 reviews)

13 recommendations


Submittable powers you with tools to launch, measure, and grow your social impact programs, locally and globally. From grants and scholarships to awards and CSR programs, we partner with you so you can start making a difference, f...Read more about Submittable

4.77 (121 reviews)

8 recommendations

Get Connected

Used by thousands of organizations nationwide, Get Connected is a cloud-based volunteer management solution that provides organizations with the tools to manage every aspect of the volunteer process. Designed for nonprofits, schoo...Read more about Get Connected

4.41 (74 reviews)

8 recommendations


Optimy is a cloud-based project management solution specializing in sponsor and partner management for numerous industries such as corporations, corporate foundations, philanthropic advisors, and mission drive organizations. Some ...Read more about Optimy

4.58 (24 reviews)

4 recommendations

Wild Apricot

WildApricot is a cloud-based membership management system used by business and trade associations, chambers of commerce, nonprofits, charities, clubs and community organizations. It supports organizations from a few members to 15,...Read more about Wild Apricot

FrontRunners 2022 is an online volunteer management solution that helps non-profit organizations streamline employee scheduling, event planning and fundraising operations on a unified platform. It enables employees to manage volunteer re...Read more about

Little Green Light

Little Green Light helps small and midsize nonprofits manage fundraising and development efforts by offering a cloud-based constituent relationship management database, as well as event planning, activity tracking, mail merges, an...Read more about Little Green Light


FrontRunners 2022

Flipcause is a cloud-based fundraising and community engagement platform built specifically for small nonprofits. Primary features include donation processing, event registration, volunteer management, fundraising campaign managem...Read more about Flipcause


MobileServe is a cloud-based volunteer management solution designed to help organizations of all sizes manage, track and report the social impact of activities. Key features include individual recognition, volunteer tracking, even...Read more about MobileServe


ClubRunner is a cloud-based membership management solution for nonprofits, boards, service clubs, associations and chambers of all sizes. Key features include a website designer, member directories, reports, emails, e-bulletin, co...Read more about ClubRunner


FrontRunners 2022 is an integrated suite of online membership management applications used by associations and other member organizations to engage members, track financial data and support administrative processes. The plat...Read more about YourMembership


FrontRunners 2022

VolunteerLocal is a cloud-based volunteer scheduling solution that helps users organize, manage and communicate with volunteers. Key features include real-time reporting, volunteer data collection and onsite check-in. Volunte...Read more about VolunteerLocal


Boardable is a powerful board management platform, trusted by thousands of organizations across the globe, that helps board leaders get more done. Boardable's intuitive one-screen experience makes it easy to host meetings, build a...Read more about Boardable


Sumac is powerful, customizable software designed specifically for nonprofits. It offers a complete solution for Donor Management, Fundraising, Case Management, Membership Management, and Volunteers. Choose the Add-ons you need to...Read more about Sumac


iMIS is purpose-built for the way you work, as the world’s only Engagement Management System (EMS), designed to meet the unique management needs of associations, unions, clubs, and other non-profits. Enjoy all the features you ne...Read more about iMIS

4.32 (84 reviews)


Volgistics is a cloud-based volunteer management software that assists organizations of all sizes with recruiting, tracking and coordinating volunteers. Its key features include a self service portal, membership management, volunt...Read more about Volgistics

4.53 (81 reviews)


InitLive’s volunteer management solution offers organizations a centralized hub for all volunteer and staff recruitment, screening, scheduling, communications, management, and reporting. InitLive’s solution serves the specific nee...Read more about InitLive

4.60 (77 reviews)


MoneyMinder is a cloud-based accounting solution designed to assist small to large non-profit organizations, sports clubs, scout groups and event planners with bookkeeping, budgeting and reporting. Features include bank reconcilia...Read more about MoneyMinder

4.95 (74 reviews)


GovPilot is a cloud-based solution that helps municipalities automate daily tasks and streamline communications between multiple departments. Key features include task assignment, GIS mapping, event-based triggers, project trackin...Read more about GovPilot

4.65 (68 reviews)


EverTrue is a cloud-based fundraising platform that helps advancement teams in small to large nonprofit businesses identify, understand and engage segment constituents, streamlining access to donor data and response to giving oppo...Read more about EverTrue

4.81 (62 reviews)


FloorSchedule is a web-based real estate scheduling application that helps agents and companies to manage their real estate operations. The real estate scheduling app helps create daily, weekly and monthly schedules that are view...Read more about FloorSchedule

4.74 (57 reviews)

Helper Helper

FrontRunners 2022

Helper Helper is a volunteer management software that helps nonprofit organizations and educational institutions manage sign-ups, connect with members and track service hours. The platform enables managers to identify upcoming opp...Read more about Helper Helper

4.91 (57 reviews)


Giveffect is a cloud-based solution for nonprofits. Primary features include fundraising, volunteer management, nonprofit management, marketing, donor management, constituent relationship management and reporting and analytics. ...Read more about Giveffect

4.51 (45 reviews)

VSys One

FrontRunners 2022

VSys One is a volunteer management software designed to help businesses in schools, parks and conservation, science centers, performing arts and museums manage volunteer registration, interviewing and scheduling on a unified inter...Read more about VSys One

4.74 (42 reviews)


GiftWorks Cloud is a cloud-based fundraising solution for small and midsize nonprofit organizations. Primary features include donor management, volunteer management, event and ticket management and reporting. The donor manage...Read more about GiftWorks

2.93 (40 reviews) Nonprofit Cloud Nonprofit Cloud is an integrated CRM tool designed to help nonprofits manage fundraising, marketing, engagement, grants, and other programs. Key features include grantmaking, program management, case management, ins...Read more about Nonprofit Cloud

4.69 (39 reviews)

Volunteer Time Tracking

Volunteer Time Tracking is a web-based software designed to help nonprofit organizations log and track volunteer hours. Key features include attendance tracking, calendar management, member directory, registration management, sche...Read more about Volunteer Time Tracking

4.61 (36 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

Rosterfy helps Volunteer and Workforce Managers streamline their end to end volunteer and paid workforce management by replacing manual processes with automations. With over 1 million volunteers and staff using Rosterfy worldwid...Read more about Rosterfy

4.51 (35 reviews)


Mobilize is a cloud-based event and community management platform designed to help non-profits, companies, associations, and resellers connect with supporters or members. Mobilize is the perfect solution for groups of all sizes. ...Read more about Mobilize

4.74 (34 reviews)


FrontRunners 2022

POINT is a collaborative volunteer impact platform. POINT's app and cloud-based volunteer management dashboard is the easiest system for your organization to find and manage volunteers. With POINT, there’s only one system needed ...Read more about POINT

4.91 (32 reviews)

Ministry Scheduler Pro

Ministry Scheduler Pro is a church volunteer management solution that helps religious organizations streamline processes related to scheduling, training monitoring, announcement distribution, availability tracking, and more on a c...Read more about Ministry Scheduler Pro

4.64 (25 reviews)


NewOrg is a configurable cloud-based solution designed to help small and midsize nonprofits manage donors, volunteers, marketing efforts, events and grant management in an integrated suite. It's suitable for veteran organizations,...Read more about NewOrg

4.54 (24 reviews)

HandsOn Connect

HandsOn Connect is a cloud-based nonprofit management solution for donation management, fundraisers and volunteer management. The solution helps nonprofit professionals organize charity events, send marketing communication, accept...Read more about HandsOn Connect

4.09 (23 reviews)


Duplie is a cloud-based fundraising solution that helps organizations to manage fundraising campaigns and volunteer coordination activities. It offers a website builder offering theme customizations, vanity URLs, mobile and search...Read more about Duplie

4.86 (21 reviews)

Volunteer Impact

Volunteer Impact is a volunteer management system that helps small to large non-profit organizations streamline operations related to recruitment, qualification tracking, time recording, schedule creation, report generation, commu...Read more about Volunteer Impact

4.71 (21 reviews)


YourCause (formerly known as Good Done Great) is a complete suite of Web-based corporate social responsibility tools. Its core functionality supports grant management, workplace giving and volunteering programs for corporations an...Read more about YourCause

3.75 (20 reviews)


CERVIS is a cloud-based volunteer management solution that caters to non-profits, associations, faith-based organizations, and businesses. It helps users to manage the records for multiple volunteers. CERVIS gives coordinators a...Read more about CERVIS

4.25 (18 reviews)

Buzz to the Rescues

Buzz to the Rescues is an animal shelter software that supports shelters with organizing adoptions and fostering as well as organizing volunteering and logistics. The solution allows shelters to spend less time with paperwork and ...Read more about Buzz to the Rescues

5.00 (14 reviews)


KeepnTrack is a cloud-based visitor management software suitable for institutions such as schools, hospitals, retirement homes and summer camps of all sizes. The key features of this solution include visitor tracking, visitor back...Read more about KeepnTrack

4.15 (13 reviews)


Mobilize is a comprehensive event management and volunteer recruitment platform. It is specifically designed for nonprofits, labor unions, campaigns, committees, advocacy groups, and other mission-driven organizations. Mobilize is...Read more about Mobilize

4.69 (13 reviews)

Open Social

Open Social is a cloud-based community engagement solution that helps organizations manage collaboration, communication, and engagement with external or internal stakeholders using digital spaces. The platform enables managers to ...Read more about Open Social

4.67 (12 reviews)


Goodworld is a social impact platform for companies and nonprofits. Launch, manage, and measure your fundraising with easy to use tools for leading nonprofits. Designed to supercharge corporate partnerships Your social impact ...Read more about Goodworld

4.75 (12 reviews)


Groop is a management system for individuals and groups working in public and third-sector bodies. Charities, voluntary organizations, and other non-commercial entities can use the software to improve administrative efficiency. Th...Read more about Groop

4.50 (12 reviews)


VolunteerMatters is a cloud-based volunteer management solution that is used by corporations, schools, governments, member-based organizations and nonprofits to recruit, coordinate and track volunteers. Volunteer managers can...Read more about VolunteerMatters

4.77 (11 reviews)

The Social Collective

The Social Collective is a comprehensive community management software system that helps you build, grow, and manage your organization. It provides tools that help you engage your members and volunteers, track their performance a...Read more about The Social Collective

4.00 (11 reviews)


eCoordinator is a volunteer management solution designed to help businesses in the healthcare sector streamline recruitment, interview scheduling, background checking, training and more. It enables volunteers to track the progress...Read more about eCoordinator

4.57 (7 reviews)

Bright Funds

Bright Funds is a workplace giving and volunteer management solution that supports companies of all sizes and help them deliver on their employee engagement, social impact, and philanthropy mission. Our dedicated support team can...Read more about Bright Funds

4.83 (6 reviews)


ViVil is a collaboration tool that helps organizations manage volunteers. Many volunteer groups in small and big nonprofits use Facebook groups, messaging apps, spreadsheets, email and SMS to organize their work. With ViVil, you c...Read more about ViVil

4.40 (5 reviews)


MindMyMinistry is a cloud-based worship planning and communication application developed to keep team members in small and midsize churches on the same page. Its core capabilities include communication and outreach tools, event ma...Read more about MindMyMinistry

4.60 (5 reviews)


CyberGrants gives you the most complete and trusted way to maximize the impact of your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts so you can achieve Agile Social Impact. Grant Management: Streamline and simplify your grantmaking pro...Read more about CyberGrants

5.00 (4 reviews)

Roster Volunteers

JSJ Online Roster is a cloud-based volunteer scheduling solution that caters to churches, clubs, sports teams and non-profit organizations. It lets administrators create volunteer tasks, enables volunteers to mark their availabili...Read more about Roster Volunteers

5.00 (4 reviews)

Raptor Volunteer Management

Raptor Volunteer Management is a volunteer management solution that lets schools manage applications, screening, scheduling, and reporting on a centralized platform. It is an integrated online volunteer application that lets admin...Read more about Raptor Volunteer Management

5.00 (4 reviews)


Volaby's volunteer and non-profit activity management system streamlines the processes of volunteer recruitment, task assignment, and data monitoring for community accountability. For potential volunteers to sign up, a logical pro...Read more about Volaby

4.33 (3 reviews)


Lineup is a volunteer management software designed to help businesses organize volunteer data in a searchable database, which can be filtered based on the KSA needs of committees and meetings. Key features include team survey temp...Read more about Lineup

5.00 (3 reviews)


Andar/360 is a donor management platform, which helps small to large organizations record details about donors, events and campaigns on a centralized platform. Its de-duping functionality automatically conducts searches in the d...Read more about Andar/360

4.00 (3 reviews)


Causecast’s Community Impact Platform is corporate philanthropy solution developed for businesses interested in engaging employees through workplace giving and volunteering programs. It enables businesses to manage and track emplo...Read more about Causecast

1.50 (2 reviews)


Socially responsible companies and organizations maximize their social impact with Vee. It enables businesses to engage and motivate employees while supporting the causes they care about. Additionally, it simplifies volunteering e...Read more about Vee

5.00 (2 reviews)


Technology fundraising solutions for nonprofits, businesses, and individuals like you. Pledge offers a wide array of products, from our free, customizable text-to-donate to fully integrated and built-in web pages. Typical use-case...Read more about Pledge

5.00 (1 reviews)

The Church CREW

The Church CREW helps small and mid-sized churches take a long, painful task of volunteer scheduling and turn it into a one-click event. Simply set up a list of your events, for example, weekly nurseries, lawn crews, and security ...Read more about The Church CREW

5.00 (1 reviews)

Goodera Volunteer

Goodera Volunteer is a cloud-based software designed to help corporate businesses and non-profit organizations manage employee volunteer programs. Professionals can organize charitable events and donation drives by adding details ...Read more about Goodera Volunteer

No reviews yet


All of our software allows you to move away from cumbersome spreadsheet, email and intranet based management of your community investment to a modern 'cloud' and mobile-based solution. You will : Slash admin for managing your com...Read more about Thrive

No reviews yet

Patron Assist

Many organizations struggle with disparate and unevenly supported processes in various parts of the organization - organized in one area by using a purpose-built solution, like Development, but manually handling another like guide...Read more about Patron Assist

No reviews yet


Intelligent analytics, dashboard, and reporting software for sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and environmental social governance (ESG). Over 300+ organizations around the world trust Brightest to track and i...Read more about Brightest

No reviews yet


BackPac software is a volunteer management platform that allows users to build DEIB and social impact campaigns in a matter of minutes. BackPac is designed to equip Employee Resource Groups and DEI councils with the resources they...Read more about BackPac

No reviews yet