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Commander BI is a cloud-based workplace management tool designed to capture and analyze utilization data for office spaces.

Using Commander BI, users can view summarized historical use data for desks, workspaces, meeting rooms and conference rooms. Utilization reports can be organized by characteristics such as region, location, floor, department, division, person and role. Users can also run reports specific to space utilization concerns, such as determining possible candidates for telework.

Other available reports include space utilization by year, month, week and day of the week, identifying vacant locations for temporary workers and which spaces are most popular among employees. Commander BI can also help track offices' carbon footprints, energy consumption and how telecommuting affects the workplace.

Support is available through an online portal and knowledge base, as well as live chat. Pricing is per month and is based on the number of managed resources.


Commander BI - Adoption metrics
  • Commander BI - Adoption metrics
    Adoption metrics
  • Commander BI - Utilization dashboard
    Utilization dashboard
  • Commander BI - Utilization by location
    Utilization by location
  • Commander BI - Types of spaces
    Types of spaces
  • Commander BI - Utilization metrics
    Utilization metrics
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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