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DataMatch is an on-premise data cleansing software for small, midsized and large enterprises. It caters to organizations in the marketing, retail, information technology, financial services and education industries. Primary features include data matching, profiling, deduplication and data enriching.

The software helps users to increase customer and contact data quality by cleaning mailing lists, databases and spreadsheets. Other features of the software include record linking, data enhancement, data extraction and process standardization.

DataMatch is also available as an Enterprise Server Edition. The Server Edition module links records to a database or standardized dataset.

Support is offered via phone and email. Other help options include webinars, online case submission and video tutorials.


DataMatch - Data export
  • DataMatch - Data export
    Data export
  • DataMatch - Profiling tool
    Profiling tool
  • DataMatch - Review interface
    Review interface
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 10

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