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eBA is an enterprise content management solution that provides midsize and large organizations with modules that help to automate contract and invoice approvals, paid leave requests, database management, task assignments and more.

eBA’s key features include calendar management, compliance tracking, document management, workflow configuration and a graphical workflow editor. The solution’s document management module helps users to organize, control and share documents. Users can provide clients with access to specified data. This module also features version control, access control, notifications, approval workflows, an embedded file viewer, collaboration tools and archiving.

eBA’s capture module enables users to upload and archive various types of files including physical documents, email, faxes or EDIs. Additionally, the solution features a configurable dashboard that provides users with multiple reporting options.

Perpetual licenses and monthly subscriptions are available. Support is offered via phone and email.


eBA - Dashboard
  • eBA - Dashboard
  • eBA - Workflow management
    Workflow management
  • eBA - Security settings
    Security settings
  • eBA - Menu manager
    Menu manager
  • eBA - Document manager
    Document manager
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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