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PriMus-KRONO is a project scheduling tool for construction businesses of all sizes. It features work section management, resource requirement analysis, data exporting and report generation, integration with bill of quantity (BOQ) software and more.

PriMus-KRONO lets users create a work time schedule including analysis of timing, costs and resource requirements. Users can employ Gantt charts, financial diagrams and resource reports as well as cost and timing variation diagrams. Users can shift activities along the timeline, define activity timeframes, divide activities into multiple periods and manage critical paths.

Users can also configure climate conditions, holiday and schedule layouts, graphically display work suspensions and configure task bars. Users control lead times, work progress, guarantees, payments and more. Financial diagrams help users view financial data during project planning and execution. The solution also integrates with other ACCA tools, such as PriMus.

Pricing is per user per month. Support is offered via email.


PriMus-KRONO - Works execution schedule
  • PriMus-KRONO - Works execution schedule
    Works execution schedule
  • PriMus-KRONO - Gantt chart
    Gantt chart
  • PriMus-KRONO - Calculation of duration
    Calculation of duration
  • PriMus-KRONO - Reporting
  • PriMus-KRONO - Integration with PriMus
    Integration with PriMus
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8

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