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DenChart is a digital clinical charting system with templates designed for periodontics dentistry. It is an on-premise system that is suitable for both single- and multi-location dental practices that need to record and access periodontal notes.

The software is voice-activated, which minimizes setup and allows providers to start charting whenever they are ready. Providers can enter notes hands-free using a voice recognition system and a headset.

Charting features include the ability to flag a tooth based on its condition or as a note to check on it during a later appointment; expanded viewing of individual teeth, with vertical bars to depict pocket depth; and side-by-side comparisons of tooth conditions from visit to visit. The comparison feature can also be used for patient education.

Reports can be saved as PDF files for printing, viewing or transmitting to insurers and other dental locations.


DenChart - Patient file
  • DenChart - Patient file
    Patient file
  • DenChart - Tooth view
    Tooth view
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8

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