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Liveforce is a cloud-based workforce management solution that assists users in managing temporary employees for exhibitions, concerts, festivals, corporate events and roadshows. Key features include employee scheduling, report generation, timesheet management and expense management.

Users can manage employees, tasks and schedules with a drag and drop interface. Multiple administrators can be added to an event for schedule and shift management. Liveforce also allows users to create and edit tasks using drag-and-drop functionality. Shifts and schedules can be updated in real time. 

Budgeting tools allow event managers to generate spending reports and monitor budgets as employees are added and removed from shifts. Timesheet management tools and expense reporting features also enable users to manage payroll and budgets. Other features include automated notifications, a mobile-friendly interface and a staff application portal that allows prospective employees to sign up for different shifts and events. 

Pricing per user per month and includes support via phone and email.


Liveforce - Dashboard
  • Liveforce - Dashboard
  • Liveforce - Available shifts
    Available shifts
  • Liveforce - Earnings
  • Liveforce - Employee jobs
    Employee jobs
  • Liveforce - Shift information
    Shift information
  • Liveforce - Mobile and desktop devices
    Mobile and desktop devices
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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