Q.D. Clinical EMR Software


Q.D. Clinical EMR is an on-premise electronic medical record (EMR) solution for clinical documentation, managed care support, practice research, image management, lab order tracking, drug interaction checking and more.

Q.D. Clinical EMR offers multiple templates, macros and phrases that users can edit or add to according to their business requirements. Pull-down menus and output fields are also user-defined. The scheduling module allows users to view, create and modify patient appointments, provider schedules and practice resources.

Additionally, Q.D. Medical EMR features an email system and message center, allowing users to attach messages to patient records, automatically generate reminder letters and more. Its customizable workflow engine can be adapted for various specialties and can be scaled to accommodate multi-site, multi-specialty practices and clinics.

Services are offered on a per physician basis that includes support via phone and online FAQs.


Q.D. Clinical EMR - Chart output
  • Q.D. Clinical EMR - Chart output
    Chart output
  • Q.D. Clinical EMR - Patient encounter
    Patient encounter
  • Q.D. Clinical EMR - Symptoms
  • Q.D. Clinical EMR - Vital signs
    Vital signs
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, IBM OS/400, Windows 2000

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